Trick or Treat!

I got to go trick or treating for the first time this year!  I was so excited to go outside once I got my costume on.  At first, I didn’t want to hold my pumpkin.  Once I got to put my first piece of candy in there it clicked what it was for and I loved toting it all over 🙂  I got the hang of knocking on doors and taking one…well, maybe 3 or 3, pieces of candy and putting them in my pumpkin.  Then I got my first tootsie pop – pure joy!!!  At first I just munched on it with the wrapper on then Daddy finally took it off for me and boy, oh boy, was I in heaven!!

We visited all of our closest neighbors and had a blast visiting and of course, getting candy.  We also visited the coolest house in the neighborhood.  They super decorate for everything!!  There was a blow up castle, graveyard and boarded up windows and ghosts!  I wasn’t scared of anything – I waved and said HI to all of the monsters.  We even went to see the scary spider and when it jumped out at me I casually climbed up on the porch and tried to stomp on it, LOL.

Here is the spider video:

The photos from my fun evening…plus a few from post trick or treading in my “Candy Inspector” jammies:


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