The Annual Halloween Party!

After feeling pretty crummy Thursday and Friday and sleeping until 10 am on Saturday, it was PARTY TIME!!  Mummy made lots of Halloween goodies and got a bunch of big Halloween balloons.  I LOVE balloons!

I got to wear my awesome dinosaur costume.  I was super adorable!!  Pretty soon, my friends came over all dressed up too!  Miss Elena came as Tigger and her Daddy was Pooh and her Mommy was Piglet – cute!!  Miss Shelby was a super cute lady bug.  Miss Addy was an awesome lion – her hairdo was great!  Miss Soo-ya, our neighbor, was a leopard cat – pretty!

Here I am in my dinosaur costume:

We all had fun playing and eating.  I am so tall I could reach anything I wanted on the food table…and did…over and over.  I ate so much junk that I threw up a little at the end 😦   I had a spider cupcake, 2 forked eyeballs (donut holes), haunted graveyard spinach hummus dip, and vegetarian chili – yum!

We tried to get the group photo we did last year…but we did NOT want to sit still!  We finally got a few shots of the kiddos on our Mummy’s laps and Mummy got a video of me jumping gleefully on the sofa when I should have been sitting nicely.

Here is the video of the attempts at a group baby only photo:

Here are the photos:


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