It snowed!  It snowed! It snowed! Hooray for snow!!  I was mesmerized watching it from the moment i got up and looked out the window (which is right over my changing table).  I just stared and stared, saying “snow! snow!”  When we got downstairs I ran right to the window to watch some more.

Then, I got to go outside and play in it before breakfast and school.  Mummy got me all bundled up in my new snow pants and snow jacket, a hat, gloves and my new boots.  I was so bundled I could hardly move, LOL.  I was warm though 🙂  I LOVED it!  I had a little trouble walking in the deep part but once I was back on the sidewalk I learned that snow is delicious, lol.  The only sad part was when Mummy and Daddy made me go back inside to have breakfast.  I cried and cried and cried…and cried some more.

Here are a few shots from my first snow of the season experience.  This afternoon we’re going sledding!


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