LMB, Nana Foo Foo and Mr. Alex

What a day I had yesterday!!

First, we went to Little Monkey Bizness (LMB) right when they opened and before they get too crowded.  We met Miss Shelby and Miss Elena there along with one of Miss Shelby’s friend’s, Miss Sophia.  Miss Sophie is not quite 1-year-old and is very pretty.  Boy did I ever flirt up a storm with her and her Mother!  I even shared with her…I’m still working on sharing so it was very nice to see me share.  I mostly only share with girls 😉

We had a blast running and climbing and sliding and rolling.  We even played in the baby area for a while.  My favorite was playing in the section in the back with the bouncy things and fast slide.  For the first time I ventured into one of the obstacle course things without Mummy.  I’m getting so independent!  I also had a blast riding around on the green cars they have.  Shelby and I raced all around chasing each other.  We played hard!  I zonked out for almost 3 hours when I got home!  I just need to teach Miss Shelby how to sleep that long too so her Mommy can get some rest too.

After my long nap and a late lunch, we all got int he car again and ended up at Nana Foo Foo’s place downtown!  I got to meet her good friend, Mr. Alex, who came all the way from North Carolina to see Foo Foo.  It took me a minute but I warmed up and gave him a high-five.  Foo Foo had a surprise for me…a bag of toys!! Usually I just get into all of her stuff when I’m there so it was fun to have some real toys 🙂  There was a neat elephant shape sorter, a book of 100 trucks (be still my heart!), a wind up airplane and an extra cool wind up frog that did back flips!!!

After playing and chatting for a while…and giving Mummy a break while Foo Foo chased me as I ran all over the place…we headed to Earl’s for dinner.  Note to any parents out there – Earl’s does NOT have high chairs!!!!  Seriously, ZERO, NONE, NADA!  What kind of restaurant doesn’t have high chairs?!?!  I mean, it wasn’t a club or anything, it was a restaurant.  anyway, for a while I sat in a big leather chair and I am tall enough that it would have been just fine.  The issue was that there was so much going on that I didn’t want to stay in the chair and with no straps, like a high chair has, there was no way to keep me, the super-climber, in the chair.  So, I walked back up to Foo Foo’s apartment with her and we got my BOB (stroller).

While we waited (a really long time) for food, Foo Foo walked all around with me then we sat and watched all of the busses and bikes go by outside.  Finally food came and I ate it on my snack tray from my stroller.  Not ideal, but it worked.  I had spicy pasta (which, by the way, makes me toot for the next 24 hours) and salad.  It was yummy, but I was getting pretty tired.  I needed a bath, and to soak my finger (see last post) so I took a bath at Foo Foo’s place before getting in my jammies and heading home.  I did not fall asleep in the car on the way home, which surprised Mummy and Daddy, but I fell right to sleep as soon as I was in my snuggy crib.  It was an exhausting day!

Mummy was bad, and despite having her camera in my bag all day, failed to take a single photo 😦


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