A Day at the Doctor

Mummy and Daddy noticed a boo boo on my finger over the weekend.  It looked like either an on the way to being infected splinter or a little bite or just that I got poked by something.  They kept an eye on it hoping it would get better and it just got more red and swollen and you can see a little puss in there too.  When Nana Foo Foo looked at it last night (we went to her house to see her and her friend Alex!  …more on that in the next post) she agreed that if it didn’t look better in the morning I should go have it looked at by the doctor.

It did not look better in the morning so Mummy called at 8:30 am when they open and my doctor had an appointment at 11:30 – that was quick!  About an hour and a half later my teacher called Mummy to tell her that my lips were blue and that they’d taken me to the nurse and I was breathing fine and I was not cold….nor had I eaten anything blue which was Mummy’s first question.  Mummy immediately called the doctor and they had her bring me in early.  Even if the doctor was available early they could at least check my pulse oxygen and get me seen/treated immediately if it was bad.  When Mummy picked me up my lips were pink, possibly a teeny bit of blue right at the bottom of my bottom lip.  I was running and laughing and playing, apparently I was just fine.

We got to the doctor about an hour before my scheduled appointment.  They talked about if they should see me right away as an emergency but I was funning and playing and laughing and was deemed non-emergent.  Mummy agreed.  So I played in the doctor’s office waiting room for a long time.  I watched Cars on the TV, read books, watched the fish in the fish tank and climbed on and off all the chairs.  One we got called back the nurse checked my pulse ox and it was 95 so all good!  Then I got weighed and I was 29 lbs and 15 oz…clothes and diaper on.  That means I’ve actually lost a little weight since that was my weight at my 18 month visit when I was naked with no diaper.  We waited for a while longer for the doctor, but that was ok because I have fun anywhere!  I pulled out all the pamphlets, pushed the stool around and played with Mummy’s keys.  Mu favorite things to do was use Mummy’s key like a tool to “fix” all of the wheels on the doctor’s stool.  Mummy caught the last of this game on video:

When I finally got seen, my doctor checked me all out and my lungs, nose, mouth, ears were all clear.  Then he looked at my finger with a bright light.  Then he cleaned it with alcohol and looked again.  He agreed that it didn’t look wonderful but didn’t quite look like it needed antibiotics yey…but gave Mummy a prescription just in case it got worse.  He thinks that there may be a little something in there, like a splinter, but it was hard to tell.  Most splinters and foreign objects will move themselves out on their own.  Mummy got two options and I’m happy with her choice!  The first was to numb my finger with lidocaine (a needle – ouch!!) then have the doctor “excavate” and try to find and remove whatever it was that was in there.  The second was to keep doing the warm water soaks like we’ve been doing and keep an eye on it.  The warm soaks should encourage any foreign thing, plus whatever puss was in there to move toward the surface.  He said if it gets a little head or looks like a pimple that can be popped that Mummy can sterilize a pin and pop and drain it and that would be the best case scenario.  If it doesn’t start looking better by the end of the week I’ll probably go back to the doctor to figure out what to do next.  If my fingers gets any more red, swollen or looks really gross, I’ll start on antibiotics.  Yuck-O!

After the doctor we went home and I fell asleep in the car.  It was after noon by the time we got in the car and I was so, so tired.  Mummy made me a quick lunch before putting me down for my official nap…I had only had breakfast and needed some chow.  After a nice nap, I got to go with Mummy to the grocery store to get food for the week.  Mummy is planning meals in advance now so she knows what to shop for.  I love the grocery store because I love riding in the fire truck cart where i sit up front.  I had a blast!  I had TWO steering wheels and they both had horns that went “beep beep!”  FUN!  I was getting hungry for a snack toward the end of the trip so Mummy got me some Barnum Animal Crackers.  Boy were those yummy!  I kind of ruined my appetite for dinner, but that’s ok, I had an excellent breakfast and lunch.  They can’t all be perfect meals.  After dinner I got to take a very long bath (a.k.a. finger soak…because how else do you get a 19 month old to soak a finger in warm water??) then hit the sac for some much-needed rest.  Let’s hope my finger looks better tomorrow!



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