Brunch, Pumpkins and Dinner, Oh My!

What a great day!  First, we got to go to The Huckleberry for brunch – yum!  I had huckleberry pancakes and eggs.  There were tons of other toddlers near us and I had fun waving and interacting with them.  After brunch, Mummy and Daddy took me to the Louisville park for some playtime.  Mummy and Daddy wanted to keep me up a little so I’d take a later nap so I’d be awake for pumpkin time.  It worked – I wore myself out!!  I played on a bouncer thing, a spinning thing, climbed all over the place, drove the train and coolest of all, I got to stand on a tightrope that two dudes were practicing on between two trees!  It was like a bouncy balance beam.  I was a little nervous but thought it was pretty fun.  WHen we got home, I had a little snack then took a 3-3.5 hour nap!!!

WHen I woke up Miss Elena and Miss Addy came over with their parents.  Once everyone was over we piled up in the cars and headed out to the Rock Creek Farm to get pumpkins.  We met Miss Shelby and her parents at the farm.  They were already way out in the field with a bunch of pumpkins in the wagon.  I picked up a few pumpkins and put one in Miss Shelby’s wagon….as well as myself!  And boy, I did not want to come out of that wagon – it’s so fun!!!  Once we all had pumpkins we loaded back up in the cars and went to the play area.  I went in the bounce house and got a little overwhelmed and didn’t do any jumping.  Miss Shelby, however was a jumping bean!  After the bounce house we went to see the animals.  I pet and fed 2 ponies, a donkey and looked at turkeys, ducks, pigs, a sheep, some goats and a cow – cool!

We were really hungry after the farm so we went to dinner at Zucca with Miss Addy and her parents.  We tried to go to The Huckleberry (again) but it was closed.  I did pretty well and ate a ton of pasta, bread and tomatoes then I got tired pretty quick.  We got out of there in the nick of time as I was near total meltdown mode.  At home, I got dunked in a quick tub to get off all the dirt and grime.  I instantly fell asleep when I was laid down in bed.  What a day!!

Here I am petting the pony:

Here are some more photos:


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