Great Nana T’s 85th Birthday – in Ohio!

I got to fly on a plane again! We left late on Friday night after dinner and I slept most of the way on the plane.  I’m really a great traveler 🙂  We got to the hotel very late and I ran around the room like a wild man while Mummy unpacked and got my travel bed/tent all setup.  I happily climbed in and slept until almost 10 am…we were all very tired, plus there was a 2 hour time change.

In the morning we all had breakfast in the room.  Mummy was up early and brought the food up for Daddy and I because breakfast was about to close and we were still sleeping.  After a quick bath we all piled into the car and headed to see Great Nana T…and Nana Foo Foo was there too!!  We hung out at Great Nana Ts house and I had fun exploring and playing with the rubix cube Nana T gave me and also had a blast pressing the hand of a stuffed monkey that giggled.  Pretty soon it was lunch time.  We all went to Frisch’s Big Boy.  The food was ok, but I had fun watching all the people.  After lunch we went back to Nana Ts and I took a 3 hour nap in my travel bed/tent!  I would have slept longer but Mummy came in to “check” on me and kind of woke me it.

I didn’t mind…after I woke up that is.  I do love my sleep!  When I came out I got a great surprise…a ton of cousins!!  I was very interested in all of them and took a few minutes to warm up.  They were mostly all bigger than me so that was extra cool.  I hope we get to come to Ohio more often so we can get to know each other and play more!

On Sunday, we spelt late again, but only until 9 am this time…still messed up with the time change.  We ate breakfast downstairs and I ate a lot!  After breakfast we checked out, loaded up the car and headed back to Nana Ts.  I was already getting tired again so I stayed there and took another nap while Mummy went out with Nana Foo Foo to get supplies for Nana Ts big party that afternoon.  Unfortunately we had to miss the party so we could fly home.

We had lunch at the airport and Mummy and Daddy thought that I’d sleep on the plane again.  I did not.  I was happy as a clam, awake and playing and flirting with everyone in my vicinity!  Ironically, the second, literally, we touched down I was out light a lite!  Mummy had to wake me up to get me off the plane.  I sure was tired!  We got home, had a quick bite to eat then I was asleep quick as a flash!

It was a jam-packed and fun weekend!  Here are some photos.  Mummy forgot to take more 😦  There are some of me being silly on the plane, some of 4 generations (Me, Mummy, Nana Foo Foo and Great Nana T), then just for fun a few of me being cute in the tub tonight 🙂


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