Trick or Treat!

I got to go trick or treating for the first time this year!  I was so excited to go outside once I got my costume on.  At first, I didn’t want to hold my pumpkin.  Once I got to put my first piece of candy in there it clicked what it was for and I loved toting it all over 🙂  I got the hang of knocking on doors and taking one…well, maybe 3 or 3, pieces of candy and putting them in my pumpkin.  Then I got my first tootsie pop – pure joy!!!  At first I just munched on it with the wrapper on then Daddy finally took it off for me and boy, oh boy, was I in heaven!!

We visited all of our closest neighbors and had a blast visiting and of course, getting candy.  We also visited the coolest house in the neighborhood.  They super decorate for everything!!  There was a blow up castle, graveyard and boarded up windows and ghosts!  I wasn’t scared of anything – I waved and said HI to all of the monsters.  We even went to see the scary spider and when it jumped out at me I casually climbed up on the porch and tried to stomp on it, LOL.

Here is the spider video:

The photos from my fun evening…plus a few from post trick or treading in my “Candy Inspector” jammies:


iPad Story time with Daddy

iPad Story Time with Daddy..notice my cool, new Elmo slippers!

I love “reading” stories with Daddy on his iPad.  Here I am “reading” the Peter Rabbit “pop-up” book and getting a kick out of being able to make the bunnies laugh:

The Annual Halloween Party!

After feeling pretty crummy Thursday and Friday and sleeping until 10 am on Saturday, it was PARTY TIME!!  Mummy made lots of Halloween goodies and got a bunch of big Halloween balloons.  I LOVE balloons!

I got to wear my awesome dinosaur costume.  I was super adorable!!  Pretty soon, my friends came over all dressed up too!  Miss Elena came as Tigger and her Daddy was Pooh and her Mommy was Piglet – cute!!  Miss Shelby was a super cute lady bug.  Miss Addy was an awesome lion – her hairdo was great!  Miss Soo-ya, our neighbor, was a leopard cat – pretty!

Here I am in my dinosaur costume:

We all had fun playing and eating.  I am so tall I could reach anything I wanted on the food table…and did…over and over.  I ate so much junk that I threw up a little at the end 😦   I had a spider cupcake, 2 forked eyeballs (donut holes), haunted graveyard spinach hummus dip, and vegetarian chili – yum!

We tried to get the group photo we did last year…but we did NOT want to sit still!  We finally got a few shots of the kiddos on our Mummy’s laps and Mummy got a video of me jumping gleefully on the sofa when I should have been sitting nicely.

Here is the video of the attempts at a group baby only photo:

Here are the photos:

Exciting News!!!

I’ve got some exciting news!!!  Here, let me tell you myself:

I'm Going to be a BIG BROTHER - due May 7, 2012

My Baby brother or sister has their own blog too!

Stunt Driver…do not try this at home!

Mummy has been trying to capture this on video for a while now.  This is my preferred way to drive:

More Snow!

I got to go out and play int he snow again this afternoon 🙂  Here are some more photos…you can tell the ones where I would really rather be back outside.  Mummy will post a few videos later.

Here is a video of me in the snow:


It snowed!  It snowed! It snowed! Hooray for snow!!  I was mesmerized watching it from the moment i got up and looked out the window (which is right over my changing table).  I just stared and stared, saying “snow! snow!”  When we got downstairs I ran right to the window to watch some more.

Then, I got to go outside and play in it before breakfast and school.  Mummy got me all bundled up in my new snow pants and snow jacket, a hat, gloves and my new boots.  I was so bundled I could hardly move, LOL.  I was warm though 🙂  I LOVED it!  I had a little trouble walking in the deep part but once I was back on the sidewalk I learned that snow is delicious, lol.  The only sad part was when Mummy and Daddy made me go back inside to have breakfast.  I cried and cried and cried…and cried some more.

Here are a few shots from my first snow of the season experience.  This afternoon we’re going sledding!