Nana Foo Foo’s Birthday!!

Sunday was Nana Foo Foo’s birthday!

We all went to Duo in NOrth Denver for a celebratory brunch.  At first they didn’t have a high chair, but thankfully one finally became available.  We had to wait for a table even though we had a reservation because Tia Dia forgot about me and only made the reservation for 4.  She apparently didn’t think I needed any space.

I was very hungry and downed 2 scrambled eggs a bunch of cheese grits and lots of extra bites of Mummy’s breakfast too!  I had fun watching everyone, especially when a group of pretty ladies sat down behind me, and “talking.”  The food was yummy, there was a ton to look at and of course, I always adore my Nana Foo Foo!.  It was fun watching her open presents and I loved handing her cards over and over.  I am very helpful like that!

I took a nice nap when we got home – I was pooped!!

On Monday I got a great surprise after dinner and bath – Miss Shelby came to see me!!  We played for a little bit upstairs before I went to sleep.  I was not very good at sharing my ride on horse.  In fact, I threw quite the fit and cried and wailed and stood with my face in the wall when it was Miss Shelby’s turn.  Hopefully I figure out the sharing thing eventually.  Even though I wanted to stay up and play, I was tired so Mummy put me to bed.  I fell asleep right away.  I hope we get to play again soon…and for longer next time.  And hopefully next time Mummy or Miss Laura will remember to take some photos 🙂

Here are some photos from Nana Foo Foo’s birthday brunch:


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