Fun with Miss Shelby!

I had a blast today!!  (well, aside from the not so much a nap afternoon nap).

We met Miss Laura and Miss Shelby at the Lafayette World of Wonder (WOW) Children’s Museum.  We had so much fun exploring all over.  We tried on costumes, played with balls, pressed buttons, rode in a car, watched trains, built with legos, made a pizza, went grocery shopping, did puzzels and played in the sandbox!!  Good stuff!!  I was not very nice int eh sandbox though 😦  I hit Miss Shelby and threw sand on her.  Mummy had to pull me out of the sandbox and sit me down.  I still don’t quite understand what I did wrong, but I’m working on it.

Here we are in the sandbox, pre-hitting and sand-throwing:

After the museum it was dinner time so we went to an Italian place right around the corner.  It very very good!  The wait was a bit long to be kid friendsly though.  I ate salad, half a breadstick, eggplant parm and spaghetti and some squash and zucchini…after I devoured almost an entire package of fiddlestick while we waited!  When I was ll done Miss Shelby tried my spaghetti too after a freak hole in her cup spewed water like a fountain all over her plate!  That was kind of funny 🙂  She used a fork and was able to scoop up most of the spaghetti!!  It was truely impressive!!

Here is a video of it:

Here are some photos from the afternoon.  There would have been more if 1) we were not so on the go and 2) Mummy’s camera didn’t run out of battery.



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