Nana Foo Foo’s Birthday!!

Sunday was Nana Foo Foo’s birthday!

We all went to Duo in NOrth Denver for a celebratory brunch.  At first they didn’t have a high chair, but thankfully one finally became available.  We had to wait for a table even though we had a reservation because Tia Dia forgot about me and only made the reservation for 4.  She apparently didn’t think I needed any space.

I was very hungry and downed 2 scrambled eggs a bunch of cheese grits and lots of extra bites of Mummy’s breakfast too!  I had fun watching everyone, especially when a group of pretty ladies sat down behind me, and “talking.”  The food was yummy, there was a ton to look at and of course, I always adore my Nana Foo Foo!.  It was fun watching her open presents and I loved handing her cards over and over.  I am very helpful like that!

I took a nice nap when we got home – I was pooped!!

On Monday I got a great surprise after dinner and bath – Miss Shelby came to see me!!  We played for a little bit upstairs before I went to sleep.  I was not very good at sharing my ride on horse.  In fact, I threw quite the fit and cried and wailed and stood with my face in the wall when it was Miss Shelby’s turn.  Hopefully I figure out the sharing thing eventually.  Even though I wanted to stay up and play, I was tired so Mummy put me to bed.  I fell asleep right away.  I hope we get to play again soon…and for longer next time.  And hopefully next time Mummy or Miss Laura will remember to take some photos 🙂

Here are some photos from Nana Foo Foo’s birthday brunch:


A Long Overdue Update…

Whew, I’ve been busy lately!!  Sorry for slacking on my updates…

Mummy started a new job and has been really busy and I still can’t quite do these posts by myself.  I promise to keep my updates more frequent from now on.

Here is the BIG news…

At school, all by myself, with zero prompting whatsoever, I walked into the bathroom, pulls down my pants and diaper, sat on the potty and went pee-pee!!!!  We hadn’t even really started potty training at home so this is extra super-duper amazing!!!

Mummy and Daddy took me out to dinner to celebrate.  At dinner I made a funny joke.  Daddy asked if I could say “highchair.”  I thought for a minute, then pointed at the chair (the regular chair) and said “Hi!”  LOL  I’m brilliant AND hilarious 🙂

The other tidbit of note, though not as exciting as my potty experience, is that I got sick.  Every single kid in my class had it too and I was the very last one to get it.  Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease.  It is not as serious as it sounds.  You get little red bumps on your hands, feet and mouth.  The mouth bumps can be inside the mouth, like canker sores.  I had those and they hurt so much.  I had a little fever for a few days, but very low.  Under 100, low.  For 2-3 nights I was awake every 3-4 hours fussing and to get either Tylenol or Advil for the pain and for hugs.  I am feeling much better now!!  The sucky thing about this is that you’re contagious a few days before you get symptoms, while you have symptoms and then for a few days after you are symptom free.  That makes it virtually impossible to contain in schools and places with lots of kids.

Here are a whole bunch of random photos from the past few weeks.

Fun with Miss Shelby!

I had a blast today!!  (well, aside from the not so much a nap afternoon nap).

We met Miss Laura and Miss Shelby at the Lafayette World of Wonder (WOW) Children’s Museum.  We had so much fun exploring all over.  We tried on costumes, played with balls, pressed buttons, rode in a car, watched trains, built with legos, made a pizza, went grocery shopping, did puzzels and played in the sandbox!!  Good stuff!!  I was not very nice int eh sandbox though 😦  I hit Miss Shelby and threw sand on her.  Mummy had to pull me out of the sandbox and sit me down.  I still don’t quite understand what I did wrong, but I’m working on it.

Here we are in the sandbox, pre-hitting and sand-throwing:

After the museum it was dinner time so we went to an Italian place right around the corner.  It very very good!  The wait was a bit long to be kid friendsly though.  I ate salad, half a breadstick, eggplant parm and spaghetti and some squash and zucchini…after I devoured almost an entire package of fiddlestick while we waited!  When I was ll done Miss Shelby tried my spaghetti too after a freak hole in her cup spewed water like a fountain all over her plate!  That was kind of funny 🙂  She used a fork and was able to scoop up most of the spaghetti!!  It was truely impressive!!

Here is a video of it:

Here are some photos from the afternoon.  There would have been more if 1) we were not so on the go and 2) Mummy’s camera didn’t run out of battery.


Why there aren’t more photos of me lately…

This is what happens when I see the camera…I WANT it!!!  I was also very tired and was asleep about 5 minutes after Mummy took this.

Stopping to Smell the Roses

Thatcher loves to smell Mummy’s rose: