A Haircut, My First Dum-Dum then a Fun Playdate

I got a much-needed hair cut today after lunch…and I got a dum-dum!!  They are definitely yum-yum 🙂

After my haircut, and a nap, I got to go play at Miss Shelby’s house – hooray!!  Too bad there were no photos but we had a blast.  I loved all of Shelby’s huge stuffed animals and toys. The art easel was especially fun, but I kept eating the tips off her crayons and chalk so Mummy took them away.

We got to go on a super fun wagon ride.  We had three tennis balls with us that we held nicely…for a while.  Pretty soon we had fun throwing the balls out and having the Moms fetch them for us.  Hehehehehe

When we got back we went to play in Shelby’s room.  There were more toys in there!  My room only has books and stuffed animals and all I really do in there is sleep.  Shelby even had an over-flow toy room with a super fun air mattress that I loved to jump on.

After playing in her room, we went up to the kitchen/living room and I did laps.  Literally, I ran in circles around from the kitchen to living to foyer to kitchen…over and over.  When we were upstairs Miss Elena came over too!  It was great to get to see two of ym favorite girls 🙂  Elena is almost as tall as me!

I was so pooped that I was fast asleep in the car shortly after we left.  I never sleep in the car anymore unless I am beyond exhausted.  When we got home I shoveled in some pasta and green beans, downed a bottle and was sacked out for the next 15 hour.


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