BBQ, Counting, and a Playdate

Wow, what a busy weekend!!  On Saturday I went to gymnastics in the morning.  I did a lot of rolling and was even able to swing on the rings!  I kicked and threw balls, popped bubbles and climbed all over everything.  It pooped me out too much that I took a 3 hour nap!

In the afternoon, after my afternoon nap, we had a BBQ!  Lots of my friends came…Miss Elena, Shelby and Addy and their Moms and Dads (well, just Elena’s Dad).  We also had a few neighbors come too which was fun!  Nana Foo Foo came too – hooray!!  We played on a slide a lot and apparently, I can count to two!!  When I was at the top of the slide, Foo Foo would say “ooooonnnnneeee” and I would say “twoooooo” then slide down!!  Maybe it was a fluke, but it sure was a consistent fluke.

We all played outside and got good and messy in the water and sand- FUN!  I ate a ton of fruit, potato salad, veggie sausage, and beans.    We ended up playing inside in our diapers before bed.  When people left it was sad, but I was oh so happy to get to go to bed.  I took a very fast bath because there was sand in places there shouldn’t be sand and I was covered in sunscreen and food.  I was out like a light a little past 6…then slept until 10 am!!!!

On Sunday Daddy taught me, and I finally learned how to pet Nicholas gently.  I also shared my strawberry shake (just milk blended with fresh strawberries) with him and it was cute and gross at the same time!

After my three and a half hour nap (that started 90 minutes after waking up at 10 am!) we had our neighbors over to playa nd for dinner.  Their little boy is almost 3 and we had fun playing in the yard.  It’s nice to have some other boys in the neighborhood – I love all my girlfriends, but boys are cool too!
Here are a bunch of photos from my weekend:


2 Responses to “BBQ, Counting, and a Playdate”

  1. laurapayette Says:

    I cannot get over how much Thatcher sleeps. It’s unbelievable! He must’ve grown another foot (don’t they do all their growing when they’re asleep?). No wonder Shelby isn’t very tall!

  2. BBQ at Kara’s « And Two Became Three Says:

    […] You can see more photos on Kara’s blog. […]

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