Mud Pies & Plaid

I made Mummy laugh so hard she cried this afternoon!  When I got home from school I was wearing the green plaid shorts I went to school in, but instead of the nice, white shirt, I was in a my short-sleeved plaid button down shirt.  The two plaids together was so bad it was hilarious!!  Playing in mud was totally worth it!

After school I got a haircut that I badly needed.  I need to look sharp for the BBQ Saturday!  I played in the yard after shoveling a tremendous volume of pasta, peas, carrots and tofu into my tummy at dinner.  After a few minutes, “it” happened.  After less than 24 hour I figured out how to climb INTO the water table!!  Seriously!!  I climbed in, stood up and stomped my way all around the table…then climbed back out.  Sheesh!!


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