My New School!

I love my new school!  Yesterday was my first day at my new Montessori school.  I did not cry at all when I was dropped off but did cry two times during the day.  I went to look for Mummy and Daddy at the door and cried for a few seconds.  Other than that I had a great day with my new buddies and my new teachers Miss Ashley and Miss Jennifer.

Today, day 2, I cried and was clingy when Mummy and Daddy dropped me off.  Apparently that was all for show and I did great for the whole rest of the day.  My teachers sang a song and while all the other kids just stared, I waited until they were done then jumped up and clapped and laughed in appreciation 🙂  We also went on a walk around the neighborhood in the big six seat stroller – fun!  I did finger painting which was aweseom…it should be dry tomorrow.

When Mummy and Daddy came to pick me up I lit up and started running around the room showing them everything. 

Mummy tried to get some photos but I was, literally, running around the room!  Here are a few photos, including two of the neat animals painted on the walls in the hall leading to my room.



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