I like to scare Mummy, but look how good my balance is!!


Eating Pizza and Watching Football

My little dude was completely entralled with the football on TV at Martino’s:

My Organized Playroom

Mummy has been rearranging and reorganizing a lot lately.  Her latest project was my playroom (a.k.a. the dining room)!  I got a new bin organizer, a little sleeve bookshelf and a table with 4 colored chairs (only the red one is put together so far).  Now, I can see all of my toys and I even help put them away now.  I love that I can pull out and push in my chair and I love sitting at my table.  We still need to work not standing on tables and chairs though.  The bookshelf it awesome because I can see and pick out books better and I also like taking them out and putting them back.  I am VERY into books lately and Mummy LOVES this 🙂

Here are some photos of me and my new playroom.  There is also a photo of me in the school wagon.  Most days when I get picked up, I run to the wagon and hop in and Mummy wheels me up and down the hall.

The other thing I love to do when I get picked up is go say bye-bye to Petals the pig…she sure is getting big!  Here is video of me petting Petals (you really only see my little hand though because I was so close to Mummy):

Bye Bye Bottles!

No more bedtime bottles for me!  Mummy has been cutting down the amount of milk in my bedtime bottles, the last bottles I have been having, each night.  Tonight was my first night with NO BOTTLE!  We had a bubble bath, got dressed, Daddy ready a story while I squirmed on Mummy lap then I went to sleep.  Turned out I was only so squirmy because I wanted to get in bed and sleep!! THe second she put me down, I rolled over on my side and went right to sleep.  Not a single fuss.  I rock!!

A Haircut, My First Dum-Dum then a Fun Playdate

I got a much-needed hair cut today after lunch…and I got a dum-dum!!  They are definitely yum-yum 🙂

After my haircut, and a nap, I got to go play at Miss Shelby’s house – hooray!!  Too bad there were no photos but we had a blast.  I loved all of Shelby’s huge stuffed animals and toys. The art easel was especially fun, but I kept eating the tips off her crayons and chalk so Mummy took them away.

We got to go on a super fun wagon ride.  We had three tennis balls with us that we held nicely…for a while.  Pretty soon we had fun throwing the balls out and having the Moms fetch them for us.  Hehehehehe

When we got back we went to play in Shelby’s room.  There were more toys in there!  My room only has books and stuffed animals and all I really do in there is sleep.  Shelby even had an over-flow toy room with a super fun air mattress that I loved to jump on.

After playing in her room, we went up to the kitchen/living room and I did laps.  Literally, I ran in circles around from the kitchen to living to foyer to kitchen…over and over.  When we were upstairs Miss Elena came over too!  It was great to get to see two of ym favorite girls 🙂  Elena is almost as tall as me!

I was so pooped that I was fast asleep in the car shortly after we left.  I never sleep in the car anymore unless I am beyond exhausted.  When we got home I shoveled in some pasta and green beans, downed a bottle and was sacked out for the next 15 hour.

Ups and Downs…

Up: I not only got to pet, but also got to feed Petals the pig at school!

Down: I got a very bad thumb boo boo.  Daddy thinks I got my thumb stuck, maybe in a door or a box, and scraped all the skin off and got a big, black bruise on my thumb nail.  Only I know exactly what happened and I’m not telling!  My teacher looked over and there was a little bit of blood on my thumb.  I did not cry even a little!!!  It took a while to heal because it the same thumb I suck for sleeping.  I used the wubanub, Doug the Dog, a little, but mostly I just sucked my thumb.  The scrape part is better, but there is still a big black spot on my thumb.

Up: I now “clean up” after myself!!  I use a rag or sponge to wipe up my own spills and the table after I eat!  I also drink from a little cup at the table with meals.

Down:  There was a bout of diarrhea going around my class at school and I got it too.  It caused a yucky diaper rash that really hurt.  It was only my third diaper rash ever but it was the worst because now I am older and squirmer to change.  Coconut oil to the rescue!!  It took almost 2 days to clear up but I’m all better now

Up: I had my first popsicle outside and loved it!!  It was actually a flavor ice which was great for me because I liked to chew on the outside just as much as I liked crunching on the popsicle part.  If Mummy had thought of it, it would have been a perfect teether when I was younger!!

Enjoying my first whole popsicle!

Down:  Mummy got sick.  Very, very sick.  I didn’t get to hug her for 2 whole days 😦  Our neighbor, Kate, came over to be with me (I was sleeping) so Daddy could take Mummy to the ER.  She had a fever of 103.5, a sore throat and a headache.  They went to the ER because it was after hours and she could not get her fever down with Motrin or Tylenol.  Turns out she had strep throat!  She was very dehydrated and got a bag of IV fluids and a shot in the bum of penicillin.  Apparently, strep throat is much, much worse for adults than it is for kids.  Mummy had it lots as a kid and it was no big deal.  Boy was she surprised by how bad this was!!
Up: The shot worked fast and 24 hours later I got to give Mummy bigs hugs and kissed again!!

Down:  Daddy got strep too

Up: When Mummy called my doctor to see what to watch for in case I got strep throat too they told Mummy that babies under 2 very rarely get strep.  They don’t know why, only that they almost never see anyone under 2 with it.  So good basic hygiene and I should be fine.  Hand washing, covering coughs and sneezed, more hand washing.  Daddy is mostly going to stay in the guest room just in case though.  Mummy is also checking my temp a lot and she keps looking down my throat with a flashlight to check.  She might take me to get checked in a few days just in case after a friend told her about her little girl having strep for a full 6 months when she was under 2!  Scary stuff!!

Up: When we took Daddy to the Little Clinic at the King Sooper Mummy took me around the store in the super great “TV cart” while we waited.  The cart had a little car in front of the cart with a steering wheel and a little TV screen.  I got to turn the steering wheel, push the button near the TV and watch a cartoon.  There was a big window in back and I could look out and up at Mummy which was cool.  It was also fun looking out the front and sides and waving at everyone.  While Mummy doesn’t like me to watch TV, it was great for the 45 minutes we needed to wait while Daddy got his antibiotics

The King Sooper TV Cart!

Down: I missed my afternoon nap for two reasons and I was very tired too.  First, I pooped and Mummy had to change me.  Once I poo I fuss until someone changes me.  Good thing too since I don’t want another diaper rash!!  Second, after my change, I got the hiccups!!

Up: I got some super fun outside playtime with Mummy in lieu of my nap!  I played in the sandbox, the little pool, the slide, the rocking puppy and of course, the water table.  I ate a lot of sand and had fun dumping water on my head over and over.  I also got to have a piece of watermelon which dripped all over my belly.  Yum!!!

Mmmmmmmmmmm, Watermelon!

Here I am playing outside and giving myself a “pre-bath”
Down: I stood up in my chair near the water table (if you haven’t notices, I climb on and stand on everything!!), lost my balance and banged my face on the water table.  I bit my lip a little and there was a little blood.  I got a hug from Mummy and another piece of watermelon and I was back to running around playing.  I sure am one tough kid!!

Up: I had a delicious ravioli and green bean dinner, a fun bubble bath (I was smothered and covered (anyone get that reference??) with a mixture of sunscreen watermelon juice, popsicle drips, sand, and tomato sauce!!), a quick bottle and fell asleep about 30 seconds after being put down at 5:03 pm.

My 1st Ice Cream Cone!

We went to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner and after real food I got my first ever ice cream (ok, it was really frozen yogurt) cone! Their cones are a perfect toddler size. I ate the whole thing!!