Denver Children’s Museum

I had an exhausting day!  I was happy to go back to gymnastics class this morning after being out of town last weekend.  I am now the biggest and oldest in the class.  I can’t wait to move up to the “Beasts” class in September!

After a nice, long nap and yummy lunch (turns out I love a good baguette!!) Mummy took me to the Denver Children’s Museum and we saw Nana Foo Foo there!!  I was already tired and should have been napping but I still had fun.  The fire truck was really cool but I especially loved the telephone on the wall – buttons!!!!

We went upstairs for a little bit, but Mummy did not think it was very safe.  Everything was cramped and the stairs were poorly located right outside of exhibits that a toddler could run to quick as a blink.  I loved doing art and did a very nice painting!  I played with trains for a bit then went shopping in the market.  Next to the shopping place was some sort of projects area with wood and real saws!!!  Talk about UNSAFE!!!  After seeing that the area with the SAWS was not even behind a gate, Mummy scooped me up and we went down to the baby/toddler area.

I had fun back downstairs.  I played in all the little houses and had a blast.  My ultimate favorite?  The little slide!!  I did very well waiting my turn and climbing up and going down nicely.  Every time I got to the top, I’d sit and relish the moment just before sliding down for a few seconds.  I had biggest grin ever!!

It was finally time to go and I fell asleep in the car almost immediately!  I only napped off and on for another 30 minutes or so when we got home.  Then I helped Mummy make eggrolls (well, spring rolls, but with eggroll wrappers) and Thai food – YUMMY!!  While Mummy worked I “helped” in the kitchen by pulling out everything out and playing with it all.  I even grabbed her candle sticks from the table and sat on them, LOL.  I have no idea why either.

After a very messy, but yummy, dinner of Thai stir fry, I was brought immediately to the tub.  When Mummy gets the tub ready, I stand on my little stool and “wash my hands” in the sink.  It’s the greatest!!!  Tonight I discovered the BEST new way to take a bath…on my tummy!  I loved, loved, loved laying on my tummy and kicking my legs and arms like I’m trying to swim.  Mummy, in case you missed it, the time has come for swim lessons!!!


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