Mummy was too busy to help me post any entries during the last week 😦

On Monday I went to the play area in the mall before lunch then to Macaroni Grill with Daddy and flirted with girls at lunch.  I had dinner at the hotel that night and kept climbing out of my high chair.  I wanted to sit on the same chair Mummy sits on.  I got to do it!!  As you can see from the photo I am about tall enough too.  In the photos of me behind the table, I am sitting flat on my bottom.  Might it be time to graduate to a booster seat?

On Tuesday I went to Chili’s with Daddy…and flirted with girls.  An older man even commented how much he enjoyed watching me flirt with the ladies of all ages.  I’ve got game!!  That evening I went to a tapas place for dinner with Mummy, Daddy and Mark.  Mark sure is funny!  He taught me to fist bump!

On Wednesday I went to Thai Ginger (Mummy’s all-time favorite Thai restaurant) with Mummy, Daddy and Mark and had orange tofu with veggies.  My patience for restaurants was wearing a tad thin.   I was still well-behaved by most standards, but was not quite as good as usual.  I just wanted to get out and play!!!

On Thursday we finally flew home!!!  We all piled everything in the car and headed to the airport.  We got through security like a breeze and headed to Chili’s Too (the only restaurant in the terminal) for some pre-flight lunch.  I had some quesadilla and black bean burger while I flirted with all the ladies I could see.  It’s my new favorite hobby!

Before we got on the plane I got to burn a little energy in the play area – FUN!  We did the same routine for boarding we did coming to FL.  Mummy boarded first with the diaper bag and car seat and Daddy boarded with me, the stroller and the other bag a little later.  That gave Mummy just enough time to get the car seat installed so it was ready for me to plop right down.

I played and chit chatted for about 40 minutes before falling asleep.  I was very tired because we had to leave for the airport when I should have been taking my second nap.  I slept for about an hour then was up for the rest of the flight.  I played and chatted and loved learning to open and close the window shade by myself – COOL!  When we landed Mummy let me stand up on the seat while she changed me into a fresh diaper for the ride home.

I stayed away in the car but bedtime was very quickly followed by a quick bath (planes are dirty!) and bottle.  I crashed hard without making a single peep!!  It was soooooo nice to get to sleep in my own bed instead of the tent.  Though I did think the tent was pretty darn cool!
The other awesome thing about being home?  My own diapers!!!  My diapers are the Mom to Mom brand from Safeway and we all love them.  We bought diapers in Tampa thinking it would be the same.  We bought a box of Pampers.  Well, every single morning I was soaked in urine.  SOAKED!!!  My jammies and me and the tent were all wet.  EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  Gross!!!  My generic diapers don’t leak one bit.  I woke up dry and comfortable this morning 🙂  Hooray for generic, cheap diapers!!!

Here are some last photos from Florida.


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