The Tampa Glazer Children’s Museum

I wish we could move this museum to Denver – it was AWESOME!!!  Mummy and Daddy made sure I had an excellent morning nap a little late.  They knew I’d be playing right through my afternoon nap (made up for by an early bedtime).  When I woke up we got right in the car and ended up at the Tampa Glazer Children’s Museum.  We had lunch in the little cafe before playing.  I had a goldfish appetizer followed by half of a grilled cheese, some grilled veggies from Mummy’s sandwich, a chocolate chip cookie and milk.

We then parked the stroller and Mummy let me out at in the toddler tugboat area where I immediately found the steering wheel that was surrounded by buttons that made different sounds.  HEAVEN!!!!  For the whole day I got to play where ever I wanted and for however long I wanted.   I probably stayed in that boat for a solid 30 minutes!

Here I am as a tugboat captain:

After driving the boat I wandered over to the best and biggest water table of all time!!!  I wasn’t quite tall enough to play with the main part so Mummy carried me over to the low section.  FANTASTIC!!!  They even had slickers to keep some of the water off me.  It still left me pretty wet though…thankfully Mummy always has a change of clothes for me!

Here I am playing in the greatest water table of all time:

More fun at the water table:

After the water table we headed over to the “sand” box which was filled with tiny plastic bits that looked and felt a lot like sand.  I loved scooping it up and either throwing it or shaking it all around.  The whole thing was surrounded by windows and faced the sidewalk so we were kind of like puppies in a pet shop window.  Mummy even got a photo of a whole family that stopped to play with me through the window, LOL.

Here I am in the “sand” box:

After the “sand” box we went up a huge, long set of stairs and I did every single step by myself!  At the top we played with an airplane then headed to the toddler building area.  My very favorite thing was a ball pit in the corner.  Some older boys taught me to run then jump in!  FUN!!!  There was also a great tunnel to crawl through and soft pillows to jump on (which I am getting good at with all the practice on the hotel bed!).

Next we walked through a pretend house with a pretend bathroom.  After that we walked over to a big play fire truck that I just thought was the bees knees!!  I walked around and scoped it out for about 30 minutes, waiting very patiently (surprise!) for my turn to drive the truck.  Driving was very clearly my end game and I was happy as a pig in slop to get on that seat and turn that wheel and press those buttons.  Fantastic fun!!

Driving the fire truck:

Then we went to the art area and I went to the dance area that had music and spinning lights.  I didn’t dance much, but loved the lights. I was getting pretty tired so my energy was pretty low.  Finally, I started getting overly tired and Mummy and Daddy finally took me back to the hotel.  It was fun while it lasted 🙂  We started playing  at 1:30 and didn’t leave until about 4 pm!

When we got back to the rooms I had a big dinner of ravioli and oranges then had another fun bubble bath to wash off all the museum germies.  Once I was all clean and in my jammies, I got to roam the halls with my big bird and cookie monster ball to keep me awake just long enough for a decent bedtime.  I down a bottle then went happily off to dreamland.

Here are some photos of my day (the one of the number is me on the scale!!!!):


2 Responses to “The Tampa Glazer Children’s Museum”

  1. laurapayette Says:

    That place does look awesome. I cannot believe he’s five pounds heavier than Shelby!

  2. Thatcher's Mummy Says:

    5 lbs, wow!! At least he’s quite a bit taller too, lol.

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