The Rusty Pelican & Sand Key Park Beach

Wow, we’ve been so busy Mummy hasn’t even turned on her laptop in 2 days!  On Friday, Mummy took us to The Rusty Pelican for dinner after we picked her up from work (at 5:30 because I took another awesome afternoon nap!).  Mummy’s co-worker, Mark, found it a few weeks ago and it was really good.  It is right on the water and form the outside it looks like it should be a bar, but on the inside it is really nice with a man playing a grand piano!

We got a nice table right next to the window and it was right on the water…you couldn’t even see the edge of the water it was so close!  I loved looking out the window and seeing all of the jumping fish and birds flying by.  I waved at them all!  It was pretty bright in there (the windows were not tinted at all) so Mummy pulled out my sunglasses.  I thought I looked pretty cool and grinned like crazy in them.  I had never tolerated sunglasses before.  The next day I wore around another pair of sunglasses felling very cool!  (see photos, below).

Here is a short video of my in my sunglasses:

I had the kids cheese ravioli but it was just like a grown up ravioli with a homemade sauce and everything – YUM!  Mummy got a side of asparagus that came with hollandaise sauce.  I LOVED them both!!  Frist I dipped the asparagus and sucked it off.  Then I chewed on the asparagus, happily munching the tips off (the best part!).  Even when the sauce was gone, I kept on munching the asparagus!

Here is a video of me eating asparagus with hollandaise:

I have been practicing using a fork with somewhat spotty success.  At The Rusty Pelican, something clicked and I did a great job getting my ravioli onto my fork and into my mouth!  I knew that I did a good job and each time I successfully ate with my fork all by myself, I set the fork down and gave myself a nice, long round of applause!  Mummy and Daddy clapped and laughed with me.

For dessert I had a raspberry sorbet.  It was yummy!  After a few spoonfuls I got bored with the spoon and took little pinches of it at a time (not handfuls, just dainty little pinches with no mess).  It was getting melty around the edges and I, with help, picked up the bowl and slurped it loudly like soup – fun!

On Saturday we got all packed up (we have a TON of stuff!!!) and headed out to Clearwater to the Sand Key Park beach.  It was past the main, super busy beach and was very pretty and not too crowded.  After getting slathered with sunblock we all went swimming in the ocean.  The shore had more waves than Pass-a-Grill so it was harder to stand in knee-deep water and play.  That’s ok, it was just as fun to go all the way in the water with Mummy and Daddy.  I loved bobbing up and down in the waves and splashing at the water.  There are no photos because it would hae gotten all wet and sandy and probably ruined 😦

After swimming I played in the sand a little (still not as fun as the water) but was getting pretty tired.  Luckily Mummy planned ahead and brought my bed travel bed/tent to the beach!  I got out of my wet trunks, swim diaper and swim shirt, got dried off and into a fresh diaper for a nap.  Mummy even brought my noise machine (it has batteries) even though I could hear the ocean having a familiar sound nearby made sleeping easier – my sound machine and lovie are like my magic sleeping potions!  It took me a little longer than usual to fall asleep, maybe 30 minutes.  There were lots of seagulls swooping right in front of my tent and I kept waving and saving “hi.”  Finally, I fell asleep and napped for about an hour.

After my nap I was around 1 pm and we were all hungry so we packed it up and headed back to the main drag for lunch.  It was fun to people watch and I was very hungry and ate a lot.  The service was kind of slow so I had food from my diaper bad – apples and ravioli.  On the way back to the car we stopped to get some tacky beach t-shirts (see photos, below).  I was still tired, since 1 hour is not a long enough nap for me, but I did not fall asleep in the car.  As soon as we got back to the hotel I got a quick bath to make sure all the sand, salt and sunblock was cleaned off then I went down for another nap.  When I woke up I had a quick dinner, ran up and down the halls then went to sleep a little after 6.  I slept in until 8:30 am!

We were going to go on a Pirate Cruise today but we found out that it is 2 hour and the only time we could go was 2 pm and it was going to be too hot and will probably be more fun when I am a little older.  Also, I got a little tiny bit pink on my neck and arms and Mummy wanted to keep me out of the sun today.  When I get up from my nap we are going to have lunch then hit the Tampa Children’s Museum which looks pretty awesome!

Here is a video of me running the hallways:

Here is a video of me running in circles around Mummy in an office chair:


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