Thai Food, Laundry, “Cooking” and the BEACH!

Well folks, it was yet another fun-filled day in Florida!  Mummy took us to lunch at a Thai place. I ate some veggie pad Thai but decided I really just wanted some of my Gerber ravioli.  I did, however, dip each and every one very carefully in the pink sauce for the spring rolls.  If there is something to dip stuff into I want to dip!!  For dessert I had some bananas in coconut milk – YUMMMMM!!!  I got pretty messy, but it was OK because today is laundry day.  Daddy found the laundry room at the hotel and he washed all of our clothes.  I keep waking up all wet so there is a lot of laundry to do.

After lunch, back at the hotel, I discovered the cabinet with all of the pots and pans and set about stirring and banging and putting lids on and taking lids off.  I had great fun and it kept me busy right up until nap time!!  I even sat in the big pot and got spun around like a ride – SO MUCH FUN!!  I tried to sit in the frying pan too but it did not spin as well.  I discovered spinning when Mummy spun me in the desk chair before bed last night.  It was the greatest!!!  I hung on to the arms and giggled like a mad man when Mummy spun me around and around.

Here is a video of me “cooking” in the kitchen:

Tonight for dinner Daddy took us to Pass-a-Grill.  Mummy thought it was a restaurant (the name does say grill!) but it was  beach!!  It had sand like Miss Addy’s sandbox but MUCH, MUCH bigger.  Mummy thought I’d love all that sand, but instead I almost completely ignored the sand and made a bee line to the ocean and just walked right in like I’d done it a thousand times!  Or, as Daddy said, “Just like a labrador!”  I LOVED the water and probably would have stayed in the ocean forever if Mummy and Daddy let me.  I fell over a few times and dunked my head underwater but I bopped back up giggling with glee.  BEST. TIME. EVER!!!  I did eventually play with the wet sand a little though.  Mostly, it just got all over me.  When we got back to the car I got naked and Mummy poured what little water we had (about 20 oz) over me to get the bulk of the sand off before dinner.  I got into a clean diaper and fresh clothes (since I completely soaked mine) and we went to The Hurricane for dinner.

There was lots of fun stuff to look at and awesome 80s music, which is totally my new favorite!!  While we waited for our food, I devoured a lemon slice.  I kept making sour-puss faces then going right back for more!  After my lemon I had a grilled cheese and fruit, but mostly ate the fruit.  Since it was a kids meal it came with vanilla ice cream.  I sure do love ice cream!!  At first Mummy fed me with a spoon but soon I wanted to do it.  I did pretty well too!  Well, that is until I realized that it was more fun to pick up with my fingers – YUM!

When we got home Mummy got a nice, big bubble bath ready for me to get all the sunblock and sand off me.  I love the bubbles and try to eat them which Mummy thinks is gross.  When I was all done I got dried off, oiled up, dressed and got a bottle and went to sleep.  Florida sure is fun!

There are more videos that are uploading so Mummy will post those as soon as they’re done since, well, I’m sleeping!


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