Another fun day in Florida!

This morning when Mummy came to get me up I was already awake and I had rolled my sleeping tent over onto its side!  Mummy rolled it back and unzipped it.  I was so excited to give her hugs…and to get my yucky diaper changed!!  After breakfast I enjoyed me new freedom of being able to roam the entire space while Mummy and Daddy got ready.  I could go form my room to the living room to Mummy and Daddy’s room.  I even learned how to open doors with levers (we have knobs at home)!!  Now Mummy and Daddy will have to watch me very closely so I don’t open the bathroom doors and play in the toilets again!!

Daddy and I went downstairs to get breakfast and brought it back to the room to eat.  As much as I love running around everywhere, sometimes it is nice to just sit in my stroller and chill while I get pushed around.  The people-watching in the hotel is fantastic!
Since we are in Tampa, so close to St. Petersburg, of course we had to go see my great grandmother Kaniss.  Mummy was at work so it was just me and Daddy that went.  We met her at her house where I ran around exploring everything.  Then we went to the Bob Evans (great grandmother Kaniss’ choice) and I ate a grilled cheese and cole slaw.  She was very impressed by what a great eater I am!  We tried to do photos, but I was pretty squirmy and did not want to sit in her lap.

When Mummy got home from work I was still napping so she made us a pasta primavera dinner and we ate when I finally woke up.  I sure am napping super well in Florida!!  After dinner we took a jog up and down the halls and up and down the elevator.  I am tall enough to push the buttons!!  Then we played and danced to music back at in the rooms.  I climbed up on the bed (with a little help) and discovered the joy of jumping and falling into pillows!  Pretty soon I wore myself out and it was time for bed.

Here is a video of me playing on the bed in the pillows:

Right before I went to sleep, Daddy went to a baseball game with Mark (from Mummy’s work).  The stadium is really close to the hotel and it was a minor league game.  Daddy was excited to get to eat a hotdog and drink beer! He says I’m too young (and too vegetarian!!) for that yet.

This weekend I get to go see big cats like lions and tigers at a rescue preserve nearby.  Mummy won’t ever take us (me and Daddy) to zoos because it is unkind to keep animals in cages and tiny places to exploit them when they should be in the wild.  She is OK with places that serve as rescues for animals that, for one reason or another, are not able to be returned to the wild.  Apparently there are lots of stupid and/or mean people who abuse animals or who think that a baby lion or tiger would make a really cure pet.  I’m only 16 months old and even I know that is really bad!


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