My New School & The Flight to Tampa

I got to go see my new school yesterday…it was awesome!!!  We got inside right before the HUGE thunder-storm hit.  There was so much rain you couldn’t see a think and boy oh boy was it ever windy!!  Inside the school I got to meet all the great teachers and see my class room.  I will be in Toddler 1.  It is a really nice room with a sink at my level, little tables and chairs and the play ground it right outside the door.  There is even a “carpeted” outside area that we can choose to play inside or outside.  Cool!

After exploring my room we went next door to the other toddler room because it was set up with toys and activities.  I did a beautiful water-color painting for Mummy.  I looooooove art!!!  The other thing that I loved was the sink.  I love water and I love that the sink is right at my level.  After playing for a bit while Mummy and Daddy talked to the teachers we got back in the car and went to the airport.

I had not napped since the morning and Mummy thought I’d fall asleep in the car.  I did not.  We got through security pretty easily and headed to the train.  I love watching all the people on the train!  When we got to our stop we went up another elevator and got some dinner.  Since I mostly ate pickles for lunch (Dad fed me) I was pretty hungry.  I ate a whole big bowl of baked ziti!!  Seriously, I ate the whole thing!!

After dinner we went to our gate.  I was still riding in the car seat with the wheels put on which is so much fun because I can face forwards or backwards.  Once we were at the gate and got the tag for the stroller I got out and Mummy let me run all over the place.  I loved watching the luggage carts out the window – they are cool!!  I also liked running on the people movers (very, very closely hovered over by Mummy since they are so dangerous) and walking into the shops and touching things.  I started to get a little fussy since I still had not napped and it was nearing my normal bedtime.  Mummy got some milk for my bottle from Dazbogs and I got back in my car seat and rested.

When it was time to board Mummy got on first with my carseat and a few bags and I boarded later with Daddy and the stroller.  Mummy had a better boarding position and we thought it would be easier to have her get the carseat ready to put me in instead of all three of us gunking up the aisles while we tried to get situated.  Mummy scored and got us the bulkhead with the most leg room all to ourselves!!  I did great during takeoff and drank some bottle.  Not as much as Mummy wanted but my ears did not bother me a bit so it was fine.  I fell asleep shortly after we were in the air and slept for the bulk of the flight.  I woke up once in the middle of the flight then fell back to sleep and I woke up one more time as we were descending.  Mummy had my sippy cup for me (for my ears) but I did not want it.  I just happily looked out the window and there was no fussing at all – go me!!

When we got off the plane Mummy and Daddy let me play in the play area for a few minutes after a quick diaper and jammie change (I got a little wet on the ride).  I was so very tired but wanted to stretch my legs a little.  Then we all got the bag and the car and headed to the hotel.  The hotel is great!!  We have two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, kitchen tables and two bathrooms.  We LOVE the Residence Inn!!  We even got a highchair from downstairs.
I had a blast exploring everything while Mummy and Daddy got unpacked and organized.  When their heads were turned for a second I went to down splishing and splashing in the toilet – YUK!!!  Another jammie change…I wore FOUR outfits (3 of which were jammies!) yesterday!

They had to set up my bed (tent) and get me ready for bed which was a little tough because I was pretty wound up, but went pretty good anyway.  I did not want any bottle but I went to sleep really well.  At first I was a teeny bit nervous of the tent in the dark but Mummy sat with me for a minute and I was fine and fell right to sleep.  I slept until 8:30 in the morning when Mummy got me up.

I was a squirmy worm on the bed/changing table and just wanted to go go go!  My toys were all set up for me in the living room and I loved getting to explore a new space.  I had some breakfast of Maypo with Mummy then watched the Backyardigans with Daddy when Mummy had to go to work.  I was excited to eat Ethiopian food tonight with Mummy and Daddy and Mark and Larry from Mummy’s work!  I loved the injera and ate a little of everything.  Mark was fun and taught me how to fist bump and I loved listening to Larry talk.

After dinner we went to Target to pick up a few things Daddy forgot to get during the day (mostly, I just napped today with a break for lunch and grocery shopping – 2 hrs in the morning and 3.5 hours in the afternoon!).  I would NOT lay or stand still for diaper changes on the bed so we got a new changing pad and Mummy set up an area on the desk to change me.  It worked so much better!  I tried it out after my bath.  I bet I sleep in again!


2 Responses to “My New School & The Flight to Tampa”

  1. laurapayette Says:

    Shelby loves the sink in her classroom (that’s at her level), too!

  2. Joe Warren Says:

    Way to go, Thatcher! You win the prize! Maybe you could let some of that sleeping rub off on your friend Shelby?

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