Gymnastics, a Haircut and a Birthday Party!

I had quite a busy day today…and will have a busy day tomorrow too!  This morning I went to gymnastics and had a FUNtastic time!  I am now the biggest and oldest kid in the class.  In the fall I will be moving from the Birds class to the Beasts class with the big kids!  After class I took a long nap while Mummy went to acupuncture.  When she got home we all had lunch.  I ate pita, hummus, tabouli and falafel and love it all!!  After lunch and some playing Mummy took me to get a haircut.  I got to sit in a police car and watch the movie CARS – it was great!!  I look extra handsome now too 🙂

After my second nap, which was not very long at all, I got to go to a party!!  Miss Morgan turned ONE year old and looked so pretty in her pink party dress.  I had a blast playing with all of her toys, the other kids and running around.  My favorite was a shopping cart I could push but I threw a few fits when I had to share.  I am not very good at sharing yet, but I’m working on it.  There were tons of fun balloons and I loved petting their dog Sammi.  I got to see my friends Miss Shelby and Miss Elena too 🙂  It has been too long since we’ve played together!

I was so tired by the time we got home a little past 5 pm.  I scarfed down a package of cheese ravioli, took a quick bubble bath, got dressed for bed, had a few ounces of milk and was sound asleep by 5:30 on the nose!  Mummy and Daddy said it is going to be a very busy day tomorrow…we’re going to Florida!!  In the morning, Mummy has her Reiki class then when she gets home we have an open house at my new school.  I can’t wait to see my new school and meet my teachers!  The last time we went to the school they were still building it.  Then, we leave right from school to the airport to fly to Florida!  The flight takes off around 6 pm so I will probably sleep most of the time.  We won’t get to the hotel until around midnight!!  When we get there I have my own room (we have a two bedroom suite at a Residence Inn) and will get to sleep in my tent again…just like the last time we went to Florida a year ago.

Here are some photos from my day (check out the apple I ate all by myself!!):


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