A Fun BBQ at Miss Addy’s House

This afternoon Mummy took me to see Miss Addy at her house.  Daddy has a bad cold and cough and didn’t want to get anyone else sick so he stayed home.  Addy’s Mommy and Daddy, Kristen and Chris, were having a BBQ on their new deck.  It was a pretty awesome deck and they had am amazing yard too!  There was lots of other kids there too!  I saw Austin and Sophie, Evan, Tasman and his brand new, 12 day old baby brother Edmund, and of course, the ever fashionable Miss Addy in her gold jelly gladiator sandles.  There were more kids there but I am not so great with names.  We all had a blast though!

After being a little shy for a few minutes (I just woke up from a car nap) Mummy got me into my swim diaper, trunks and shirt and we headed down to the pool.  It was a little pool, but it was just right as far as I was concerned! I splashed around but mostly I wanted to pick up the rocks that were near the pool and carry them over to the pool to wash them.

After the pool, Aunt Laura  put on the sprinkler in the yard.  I didn’t know what it was but it looked pretty cool so I wandered over to check it out.  It was water!!  AND, it moved!  COOL!!!  I mostly just stood in front of the water trying to catch it and made squinchy faces when the water hit me in the face…but I did not move.  Finally, Aunt Laura took my hand and showed me how to run through the sprinkler – much more fun than getting hit in the face by the water.  Though that was pretty neat too.

Me in the sprinkler:

After all that fun with water (not before, which would have been waaaay smarter Mummy!) I went to town in the sandbox!  I have never played in sand before but boy, oh, boy do I ever want to do that again!  I was pretty good at using the shovel to scoop sand into the dump truck and liked to pick up the sand and dump it down again.  I tried to eat the sand one time, but it was pretty yucky so I didn’t try that again.  I even covered my legs all the way with sand and thought it was just so cool!  Hopefully Mummy and Daddy will get me a sandbox too!

Me in the sandbox:

After playing in sand after playing in water (again, not so smart Mummy!) I  had sand stuck all over me!  Mummy stripped me down and put me back in the pool to rinse the sand off.  She even used the play watering can like a shower.  Since I had already had a bath in the morning, plus played in the pool and the sprinklers i was done with water and was not thrilled about this impromptu bath.  Luckily it was really quick and Mummy ran me upstairs, stark naked, and got me toweled off and back into dry clothes.

After some more playing (Addy sure had some cool toys!) it was time to eat and I sure was hungry!  I had a veggie burger with cheese, cantaloupe, pineapple, more cheese, some macaroni salad and some fruit tart.  It was less than it sounds because I did not eat a ton of any one thing.  I got to sit at a little kids table outside to eat with some other kids and I did really well except that I kept trying to steal sippy cups.  Mummy forgot mine so I shared her water from a big cup.

When we got home I got another bath!!  This was to make sure all the sand was off me and to get off the sticky sun screen.  I was a trooper and did not get to sleep until 7 pm – SOOOOO late for me!!  I think I’ll sleep in 🙂

Here are some photos from today, and a few from yesterday too:



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