See You Later, Miss Wanda

We went to say goodbye to our neighbor, Miss Wanda, this afternoon.  We are all so, so sad that she is leaving, but we understand that it is what is best for her.  She is going to live with her daughter Rhonda in Oregon and gets on an airplane on Tuesday.  We can’t wait until she comes back to visit her daughter, Stacey so we can see her again!!

There was a going away party at her other daughter Stacey’s house and I had so much fun running around everywhere and eating green grapes – yum!  I also got to try a brownie, coffeecake and almond poppy seed cake!  There was another baby and some kids, but I mostly wanted to play with breakable things and the carbon monoxide monitor that was plugged in right at my level and made loud beeps when I pulled on it!

I first met Wanda and her husband Bob (sadly, he passed away.  It was my first funeral) when I was very, very little – 2 or 3 weeks old!  They brought me a great outfit that I wore until I grew out of it.  I grew out of things really fast back then!!  I always loved when Bob and Wanda came over when we had parties and I loved seeing them when we were out for walks or to get the mail.  Once I started walking, my favorite place to walk was up to Wanda’s front door.  One of my favorite times was when Wanda came over with her grandson, Drew for dinner.  I showed them all of my toys and generally showed off until I had to go to bed.

Wanda, we love you so much and will miss you so, so much!!


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