Georgetown Loop Railroad

I got a fun surprise on Saturday…Mummy and Daddy took me to Georgetown for a ride on the Georgetown Loop Railroad!  We got in the car after lunch and I took a little snooze on the ride up, which made Mummy happy.  When we got there we walked around the cute little town for a bit.  At a little gift shop we looked in they had an old-fashioned sofa fountain (seriously old…it was original from 1910!) and we all got a black and white malt.  Mmmmmmmm, I loved my malt!!  After we got malts we stopped in a little toy shop (so little that my BOB couldn’t turn around and could only go forward and backward) and I got an old stuffed toy with a button on the belly that talked and made music.  I love it!

We still had some time until the train ride so we walked over to the town park and what turned out to be the best playground ever!!!  There were different sections for different ages and one part was even built around a big tree!  The only part that was not so fun was that the slides and plastic parts (a lot was wood) were too hot to touch as I found out the hard way.  I had so much fun playing!

It was finally time to ride the train!  No strollers are allowed on the train so I got to sit with Mummy in the Ergo.  I did great and spent a lot of the time hugging Mummy with my head down on her…she loved that a lot!  I did periodically pop up to look at the sights.  I especially loved when we went over or by the creeks and waterfalls.  I would point and say “wa-ter!”  The train went from Georgetown to Silver Plume.  Silver Plume was pretty boring.  There was a big room with some old trains in it but there was a lot of dirty and dangerous things around so I couldn’t really run around as much as I wanted.  It was ok though since we were only there for about 20 minutes anyway.  I was getting kind of tired on the ride back but it was a little after 4 pm by the time we got back so we decided to get dinner before the drive home since I was hungry too.

We went to The Happy Cooker in Georgetown and it was pretty good.  I had some ravioli and carrots from my diaper bad as well as some peaches from Daddy’s plate and some veggie burritos from Mummy’s place.  When we were done Mummy got me changed into a clean diaper and some jammies for the ride home since it was bedtime.  I fell asleep in the car for a little bit but was awake by the time we got home.  When we got home, we stopped by to see Miss Wanda and she gave me some really cool hard foam blocks that are bright colors.  I love them!!  After visiting for a bit, I had a bottle and was fast asleep seconds after being put down.

What a fun day!


One Response to “Georgetown Loop Railroad”

  1. Victoria DeSair Says:

    If you go to Georgetown again, go in the morning for brunch at the Happy Cooker. They have really good frittatas and quiches. I’ve seen the park you are talking about, and it looks awesome. We might need to take a trip out there soon.

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