What a Super Fun Saturday!

Today we celebrated Father’s Day one day early.  Mummy flies to Florida tomorrow so we moved it to today.  Oh boy, what a fun day it was!!!

My day started early at The Little Gym with another fun gymnastics class.  I got to roll, swing, balance, play with balls and bubbles and generally run around like a mad man!  The gym has summer camps so it was decorated with pirate stuff and it was so cool to look at – I especially loved the parrot and the monkeys.  After class we took Daddy to a Father’s Day brunch at The Egg and I.  I was pretty hungry and ate all of my graham crackers as soon as we sat down then had eggs, potatoes and toast with OJ.  I was pretty pooped and took a 2 hour nap as soon as we got home.

When I woke up, we played downstairs for a while and Mummy made me lunch.  Daddy had a “spa day” for 2 hours so left right when I was starting lunch.  I ate about half of a peach, some shredded cheese and a sourdough pizza Mummy made that had my favorite, black olives, on it – yum!  I am now taking all of my meals standing on my picnic table at the kitchen counter.  Mummy doesn’t love it, but it makes me soooo happy so she lets me.  The bonus is that instead of wiping my food all over the floor when I am done, I just climb back down and go play 🙂

After lunch we met Miss Laura and Miss Shelby at the mall play area.  I was pretty tired when we got in the car so we only stayed for about an hour because I needed a nap.  We had fun running around, but the best part was the chalk table!!  It was so much fun scribbling and erasing and trying out each of the three chalkboard picnic tables.  I even ate a piece – YUK!!  I got very, very messy and Mummy had to take me to the bathroom to clean me up.

When I got up from my second nap (and it was not a great nap, but it was better than nothing) we got back in the car, this time with Daddy.  We went to Mt. Fuji, a hibachi place, and met Miss Laura, Mr. Chris, and Miss Shelby!!  We had a blast running all over the restaurant and outside while we waited for the food.  It was fun…usually Mummy and Daddy make me stay in the high chair the whole time.  We loved watching the chef cooking the food and making the cool volcano.

The fire at the beginning was not as scary as it was the first time I saw it.  Miss Shelby got a little scared though…it is definitely scary teh first time!!  We were both mesmerized by all the action and watching the chef cook everything!!  I ate a lot too!  I had a bowl of tofu, fried rice, fried tofu and veggies and a few noodles.  That was just at dinner.  Before dinner I had part of an apple, a bunch of cheerios, a slice of tomato and some of Mummy’s salad.

After we sat down I got a big surprise – Nana Foo Foo!!!  She just pops up all over the place!  I was so happy to see her 🙂  I kept peeking over to smile at her during dinner.  After dinner we got out to play again.  The big fun part was the rock pit.  I climbed right on in and Shelby did too (with a little help)…and we stomped and stomped on those rocks.  SO. MUCH. FUN!!!    When we had enough of the rocks (well, when the grown up had enough) we went back outside and ran all over.  I found flowers and bikes and steps.  Miss Shelby ran in circles up some steps and down a ramp.  I played hide and seek with Nana Foo Foo and she taught me how to play in between a cool bike rack.  Fun! Fun! Fun!  Mummy took more videos but they are taking a long time to upload so they will be posted a little later – stay tuned!!  Miss Laura posted about our fun day too.

I was very, very tired, but very happy.  We went home and despite all I ate, I downed 7 oz of milk and zonked out.

Here are some photos:


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