I can eat an apple!!!

Tonight, Mummy handed me an apple from the fruit bowl I was reaching for.  She thought I was going to play with it like a ball.  Nope!!  I picked it up and took a bite…and kept on eating it.  I can eat an apple like a grown up!!!  I loved it too!  Mummy got some photos and a video too.  No, I am not suddenly tall enough to look over the counter.  Another one of my new “tricks” is pushing my table up against the counter and climbing up so I can stand on the table and watch Mummy cook.  It is my favorite place to be!

Here is a video of me eating my apple:

While not a “trick” one of my favorite new things to do is lay in Nicholas’ bed.  It is brand new, smells like cedar and is oh so soft.  Nicholas would probably rather be in there than have me there, but I just love it so he lets me hang out there when I want to.  Usually it is in the morning or evening or before naps when I am tired.

Here are a few photos:


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