Dipping, Cookies and My Shadow

I learned a cool new skill and discovered something cool!

The new skill I learned is dipping.  This morning, Daddy put some ketchup on my plate and showed me how to dip my eggs and potatoes in it.  I caught on FAST and am VERY good at dipping.  I am even very neat when I dip.  I was also having blueberries with breakfast and I dipped those too!

Here is a video of me dipping my dinner in more ketchup:

The cool thing I discovered tonight is my shadow!!  There is a lot of sunlight on the dinner table during dinnertime and tonight I noticed the shadow of my hand on the table.  COOL!!  I kept poking at it, trying to wipe it off the table and looking under the table to find it.

Here is a video of me and my shadow:

Another fun thing happened at dinner.  I was having an after dinner fig newton but really wanted the whole package.  Mummy figured all I would do would be to take out one more but I had a different idea.  I took out every single cookie and took one tiny bite of each one, LOL.  I did scrunch up a few, but mostly I was happy to just take a little taste of each one. Then, when I had sampled each cookie, I helped Mummy put them all back in the package.

Here is a video of me and the cookies:

Just for fun, here is a video of me playing with my bubble machine outside:

And a few photos:


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