Throwing Peas and Playing UNO

Mummy and Daddy taught me a fun game they will probably regret later.  Throwing peas into open mouths!!  First Mummy was thrwing them into Daddy’s mouth – he even caught some.  I thought that was pretty cool and funny.  Pretty soon I started opening my mouth wanting her to throw some my way too.  I had a late snack so wasn’t very hungry, despite loving peas normally but this got me eating more. I did catch a few peas in my mouth too, but Mummy was doing the throwing and she couldn’t get it on video too.  By the way, the photo of the plate of food is a typical dinner for me…I eat a LOT!!  I drink lots of milk too…1.5 gallons per week!!

Here is a video of me opening my mouth for peas:

Here is a video of me eating nicely from a plate:

Tonight, I discovered that I love cards!!  There was a set of UNO cards in a domino tin I was playing with.  I spend almost 30 minutes playing with the cards.  SO. MUCH. FUN!!  Here are two videos of me playing with my cards:

My nose itches!!

Here are some photos too…check out the first photo ever where I smiled for the camera, on purpose!


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