Bubbles, Climbing and Kissing the Dog

Mummy and Daddy got me a cool bubble machine! It makes TONS of bubbles and I love trying to catch and pop them. We mostly do the bubbles inside, but once in a while I get to do just a few bubbles inside too.

My other cool new toy is a blue hula hoop from the grocery store. It is just my size, shiny and makes a shaker sound when I move it. I love to carry it arround, shake it and put it on the dog.

Climbing is still my number one favorite thing to do and I can really good at it!! I can climb onto just bout everything, including my music table that I can now STAND on!! Mummy does not love that one bit.

My second favorite thing? Kissing the dog. Big, sloppy, open mouth kisses – YUCKO says Mummy, but I love it!!

Here are some photos:

Here are some videos:

Me being busy:

Me giving Nicholas my bottle:

Me getting kisses from Nicholas:

Me pushing my car (I can say “vroom vroom!”):


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