A Fun Sunday with Foo Foo

I had another action packed day today!  Not as busy as yesterday, but still very fun 🙂  We just play at home in the morning.  I slept until 8:10 am because I was so exhausted from my triple fun Saturday!  I had lots of fun with Nicholas this morning.  He is feeling much better after his surgery and is not as grumpy as he was before.  He gave me tons and tons of kisses and I pet him, chased him, hugged him and in what was not my finest moment, poked him in the eye repeatedly.

Here I am getting kissed from Nicholas:

Here I am poking my sweet Nicholas in the eye:

After my two and a half hour morning nap we had a quick lunch then got in the car and went to see Foo Foo.  Her place is FANTASTIC!!  Breakable stuff everywhere, LOL!!!   We all loaded up and walked all the way down to Larimer to see the Chalk Festival.  Mostly it was hot, crowded and boring so we left and went to get lunch.  We went to The Cheesecake Factory for the very last time.  Mummy is a vegetarian, as am I, and there was a piece of chicken on the salad she ordered with NO CHICKEN.  Clearly they put the chicken on, realized it was without chicken then took it back off instead of making her a new one but didn’t get it all.  GROSS!!!  Never going back there again.

I wasn’t super hungry at lunch but I did have a lot of fun running around the restaurant while Foo Foo chased me.  I love running around and climbing on anything I can!

After lunch we walked back up toward Foo Foo’s place and stopped at these cool bubbly fountains near her.  Mummy had packed extra clothes for me so it was OK for me to get all wet.  At first I wasn’t too sure about the bubbler but then I had a ton of fun getting soaked.  I even stood right in the middle of it and splashed and splashed.  It was SO much fun and felt so great on such a hot, hot day.  When we were done I got to walk all the way back to Foo Foo’s because I was too wet for anyone to carry me.  I pushed my BOB stroller (that Mummy tipped down so I could reach) and was quite pleased with myself for doing it.

When we got to Foo Foo’s I took a bath with her yummy smelling coconut hibiscus body wash as bubble bath.  That water I was playing in was probably pretty dirty so I needed a bath badly!  It was a quick bath because I was getting very tired.  We got out, got dressed and headed back to the car.  I threw a major fit getting in the car and it took both Mummy and Daddy to get my buckled in.  I was twisting and turning and doing everything I could to get out of my seat.  They thought I’d fall asleep int he car on the way home, but nope, I stayed awake the whole way.  Apparently I won’t sleep in the car anymore, no matter how tired I am.

At home, I got a bottle and went right to bed.  It took me about 15-30 minutes of “talking” before I finally wound down enough to zonk out for the night.  Another day, another exhausted me.  Good times!

Here are a few photos from my day:


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    […] Another busy day…we took Thatcher downtown to see Foo Foo and got to the Chalk Festival.  We went to lunch at Cheesecake Factory.  I got a salad with NO chicken…there was a hunk of chicken on it.  So, I missed lunch and will never be going back to a Cheesecake Factory every again. […]

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