My Triple Fun Saturday!

Wow, Mummy sure packed a lot of activities into my day today, but boy was it a blast!!

We had three big activities today:

  1. GYMNASTICS CLASS – Today was the last Birds (my class) class of the spring semester.  We got to practice all the cool stuff we’ve learned over the past few months.  We explored and played, walked, ran, galloped,hit sticks together, shook bells, did wheelbarrows and somersaults on the beam, flipped over the bar and played with the balls. It was awesome!!  Then, at the end of class I got a cool medal on a ribbon!!!  I LOVE my medal and ate it all the way home.
  2. PLAYDATE AT THE VILLAGE AT EDGEWATER – After a quick 90 minute nap after gymnastics, Mummy loaded me back into the car.  This time we met Miss Shelby (again…she is in my gymnastics class too), Miss Addy and Mr. Austin at a cool new play place.  There was a great carpet with fun things like bugs, flowers, streams, grass, and my favorite, ladybugs.  I LOVED all of the things to climb up and slide down.  I ran all over and climbed, slid and crawled through tunnels.  I threw soft blocks and licked windows (mmmmmmm).  We took a little break for lunch and I ate a little of a soy butter, jelly and banana sandwich (my first time ever trying white break…I’m not a fan) and blueberries.  I mostly just ate out the banana and drank my milk before I was ready to play more.  I gave Miss Addy a big, wet, slobbery kiss and got sweet hugs from both Miss Shelby and Miss Addy.  I played hide and seek in the tunnel with Mr. Austin, but gave and got not hugs or kisses from him.  I am certainly quite the ladies’ man!!
  3. BBQ / BIRTHDAY PARTY AT MISS MORGAN’S HOUSE – I did not take a nap after my afternoon play date but I will still my sweet, charming self at the BBQ.  Miss Morgan is getting so big and pretty and even has hair now!  It was her Daddy’s birthday – fun!  They have the BEST YARD EVER!!!  There was a bounce house, big swing set, little slide, playhouse, and the best part??  WATER TABLE!!!  I got soaking wet and ended up shirtless.  Miss Shelby (yes, I got to see her THREE times today – hooray!!) taught me a fun game involving taking all the water bottles out of the ice bin then putting them back in.  Actually she took them out and I put them back in…after tasting each one, of course.  I even got birthday cake!  I got pretty messy, but luckily I was easy to clean up back over at the water table 🙂 We finally left around 6:30 because I was getting fussy and tired.  Since my shirt was still wet I got to ride home shirtless.

All in all it was a pretty fantastic day!

Here are some photos from my day.  Mummy’s camera battery died right after we got to The Village so unfortunately there are not a lot of photos and none from the BBQ 😦  Miss Shelby’s Mommy took more photos at The Village – check out the video of me sliding (the 3rd video)! *UPDATE – Thanks to Miss Laura there are now both more photos from The Village and a few from the BBQ!  Thanks, Laura!


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