15 Month Check up…and other more fun stuff

I’ve been having so much fun this week!  First, here is my update from my doctor visit this afternoon.  I am 15 months today!  I am also 27 lbs, 14 oz (2 oz shy of 28 lbs!!) and I am 33.5 inches tall.  I sure am a big boy!!  90th percentile for weight and 97th plus for height.  That means I am finally ON the growth chart for height, but just by a hair.  I am healthy and on track with all of my development, even ahead on some too.  The only yucky news is that I have another ear infection.  It is only in one ear and is not too bad, but I do get to take some medicine for it for 10 days.  I had fun waiting for Dr. Knott.  I wanted to play with all the doctor tools hanging up but Mummy explained that I would need a lot more than 6 months of school before I could use those.  I am such a great climber and I had fun climbing all the way up onto the window sills, via the radiator!  Mummy and Daddy need to watch me like a hawk!!

Before the doctor I went on a long (50 minutes isn’t really long, but it was long to me)  run with Mummy around Waneka Lake.  After Mummy ran we stopped at the playground, had a nice picnic lunch of sunflower butter and jelly sandwich bites (love this!!) and blueberries on the grass then played.  I loved climbing on everything but had the most fun just relaxing in the swing today.

Yesterday was also a busy and fun day. In the morning we walked all over the neighborhood (not in the stroller, I did the walking).  I finally saw all the bunny rabbits and loved to watch them and walk around following them.  I am still not a fan of walking on grass, but with Mummy and Daddy’s encouragement, I walked all around Miss Wanda’s house on the grass.  I don’t go very far on my walks because I like to stop and look at and touch everything.  The world is getting so interesting!!

Here I am walking outside:

Mummy took me to the gym with her again and I got to play in the child care center for an hour.  I was a little more reluctant to stay this time.  On Tuesday we got there early so I got to explore on my own.  This time the place was packed with kids and I got a little overwhelmed.  It was ok.  I started in the infant room to get my bearings then had at it in the big play room.  By the time Mummy came back for me I didn’t want to leave!

We stopped in the Lifetime Cafe for lunch and relaxed for a while.  I had fun people watching and eating my new all time favorite thing that I would eat 24 hours a day if Mummy let me – cherries!  Thank goodness Mummy got that cherry pitter last year that everyone thought was a waste of money 🙂  After lunch we went swimming!  First we got suited up and slathered with sunscreen.  Then we headed outside to the kids pool to wait the 15 or so minutes until the warmer, less crowded inside pool opened for family hours.  I had fun but was pretty clingy to Mummy.  It was very, very crowded and there was not a huge very shallow area.  The inside pool I liked a lot better.  I was getting kind of tired so mostly I hung onto Mummy as she walked me around and around.  The water felt nice and I was very relaxed.

After the pool Mummy piled us and the BOB and out big bag into a family shower room to get cleaned up, dried off and dressed.  I got to run around naked and play in the shower which was probably as much fun as the pool!!  Mummy had to hold me to get me soaped and shampooed…boy, am I ever slippery!  We finally got ready to go and headed back home.  That was a lot of work but a lot of fun 🙂

Here are some photos of my adventures over the past few days:


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    […] Thatcher had a Dr. appt. this afternoon that took a lot  longer than we expected so by the time we got home I’d only had 750 calories all day.  Uggg.  I made it up at inner by adding some macadamia nuts, which made my fats on the high side, but I figure that is ok since they are healthy fats and not from some junk like fries or chips.  I still need my protein and yogurt but then I’ll be done and hopefully I’ll lose those 2 lbs on the scale tomorrow. […]

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