Everyone has a name…

Here are the names I can say:

Daddy = Daddy

Nicholas = Nicholas or Hi Dog

Thatcher = Thatcher

Mummy = Turtle

Mummy is not super excited that I called her a Turtle, but she loves that I said my own name tonight!

Talking aside I had a fun day.  In the morning, I went to the gym with Mummy.  I had so much fun playing with all the cool, new toys while Mummy worked out.  Mummy was worried that I’d be clingy or fussy, but I wasn’t at all.  I just dove right into the toys and when she came back down to pick me up an hour later I didn’t want to leave.  I showed her all the cool toys until she finally brought me back home.

I took a nap and when I woke up I got to do some art – I love art!!  It is my favorite thing at school.  We used some green paint but when it got too messy we switched to crayons.  While I still mostly want to eat them I am starting to draw some with them too.  I sat still at my table for a very long time while I played with the crayons 🙂

After my nap Mummy took me to the mall to play in the play area.  Daddy met us there which was great!  I ran all over, climbed on and crawled through the fun things there.  I was pretty tired so we only played for about 30 minutes before we walked around the mall a little bit then went home.  I fell asleep in the car.

Here is a video of me bouncing on my new turtle.  Mummy though the video was appropriate since when she asked me to say Mummy this morning i kept saying Turtle!  I said Daddy, Nicholas and Thatcher correctly though, LOL


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