Brunch, a Playdate, then Latin Food in Boulder

I didn’t eat a single thing at home today!!

Hmmmmm, it all looks so good!

Mummy and Daddy took me to brunch at The Huckleberry this morning.  I had my own huckleberry pancake but ate most of Mummy’s eggs.  Whatever is on here plate is always more yummy than what is on mine.  Even if it is the same thing!  I had fun chatting and flirting with two older sisters from Georgia who were just lovely and made Mummy and Daddy miss the South.

When I woke up from my morning nap I took a walk over to our neighbor Miss Wanda.  I sure will miss her loads and loads when she moved to Oregon.  Her house was on the market for only three days and it is already sold!!!  She will be gone by July 1 😦  Daddy stayed to chat longer than I did because Mummy had to get me in the car so we could go see Miss Celia and Miss Elena.  It had been way too long since we had played!!

I'll have the pancakes!

Miss Elena gets prettier each time I see her and her hair is in these adorable pigtails now!  I had loads of fun playing with every single one of her toys, or so it seemed to Mummy and Miss Celia.  Elena has an awesome “fleet” of things on wheels that I rode, pushed and pulled all over the place.  We took a little break from playing to have some lunch.  Mummy made a pasta salad and I had some of that but my favorite were the berries that Miss Celia had – YUMMMM!!  After lunch we played more and I had fun sneaking off to go up the stairs.  I never went more than a few steps up though.  What I really wanted was for Mummy to chase me.  I hope we get together again soon – good times!!

After my second nap we played at my house for a little while then got back in the car.  We ended up in Boulder on Pearl Street.  There were tons of people and lots of tents.  There is a giant race soon, the Bolder Boulder.  Mummy wants to do it next year when she is a little faster.  I watched a man play a didgeridoo while Mummy got new black sandals for her new project in Florida.  Daddy and I are going to go Florida for a whole week soon to visit her and have a vacation.  Mummy will have to work during the days but we’ll have fun before and after work and on the weekend.

Mmmmmmm, I love OJ!

After Mummy got shoes we walked all the way down Pearl St. and had dinner at a Latin restaurant.  It was yummy and I had more fun watching people and flirting.  Our waitress had a crush on me 😉  Even though it was getting late, I was a trooper right until the end.  Mummy and Daddy were surprised that I did not fall asleep in the car.  I did go right to bed when we got home though.

Mummy forgot her camera at Miss Celia’s house so the only photos from today are a few from The Huckleberry 😦


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  1. Polly Ortiz Says:

    Thatcher is so stinking cute!!!

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