The Wildlife Experience

Last summer, Mummy and Daddy won tickets to The Wildlife Experience in Parker and planned to take me when I got older.  When they realized that the tickets expired on the 31st of this month they decided we should go down there this afternoon.  I took almost a three-hour nap after a fun gymnastics class and breakfast with Miss Laura and Miss Shelby so I was ready to go!  I was a swinging fool during class this morning and worked up a big appetite for blueberry pancakes after.

It was pretty cool and there was a lot to see.  It was hard to see everything from the stroller so I got an Ergo piggyback ride from Mummy.  It was great -I could see everything and it was fun being on Mummy’s back.  There were lots of animals and sounds along a quarter-mile trail.  We went through forest, desert, arctic, caves, and desert.    I got to do some walking but when I was on my feet all I wanted to do was push my stroller!  When then handle was on the lowest setting I could reach!

One of my favorite things was feeling the wet rocks near this tall waterfall.  I would have climbed right into the water if I could have!!  My other favorite part was this fish “pond.”  It was really just lights projected but it looked like a pool of fish and the fish would gather then swim away when you walked in the pool.  It was great!!

After we walked through the exhibit we went to the “Discovery Den.”  There were buttons to push, balls to throw and crayons to eat.  Mmmmmm, I sure love eating crayons!!  I made a few marks on the paper, but mostly had fun putting them in my mouth then giggling when Mummy took them back out.  I had a lot of fun at the “avalanche” exhibit too.  There were tons of “snowballs” that some older boys were loading up top.  After a while there would be an avalanche and all theballs would come rushing back down –  fun!!

Here are some photos from The Wildlife Experience:


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