Today, Nicholas had surgery

Today, my best bud, Nicholas had some surgery at the vet.  He is a lumpy, bumpy, old dog with lots of little fatty tumors.  Apparently this is pretty common in boxers and he is a hound/boxer mix.  One of the bumps got pretty big over the past few months and the vet took a sample and it came back as cancer.  I don’t understand what that is but I know it is not good.  After a few more tests we heard that it had not spread – HOORAY!  That meant that the big bump could get taken off.  Today, it was taken off.

I am sad because I can’t pet or chase my best buddy for a while.  He is in the living room behind the gate on lots of towels, blankets and with TWO beds.  I am also sad because I can see his food and water dishes in there and I can’t get to them.  I LOVE playing in Nicholas’ water dish especially and love the take the bowl out and put them back in and I also love pushing around the whole thing as a walker.

Nicholas was walking funny and looked very tired when he got home.  He is resting and taking his pills in some cheese and Mummy and Daddy are taking good care of him.  He looks kind of funny because he has to wear a t-shirt to cover his wound.  He is very old but is doing just great!


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