My fun new cabinet!

Mummy re-organized the big “pantry” cabinet so I could play in it without breaking bottles of wine.  The wine moved downstairs and the soft things like cereal, rice and some hard ones, like canned beans were put right at my level.  Mummy even put some of my favorite things, like goldfish, arrowroot cookies and puffs of all kinds in snack traps where I can find them! I could spend hours exploring my new cabinet!!  I love to stack the cans, shake the popcorn and rice containers, pull out Daddy’s shakes powder and reach for things I am not quite tall enough to get…yet.  I also love that I can get my own snacks when I am hungry…which seems to be all the time, lol.  I am very proud at my new self-serve abilities 🙂

I am getting busier and busier and seem to be on the go all the time now.  I am exclusively a walker now and am getting very stable with it.  I am careful too.  I learned that to get over the gate into the kitchen I need to stop, hold on and carefully step over.  I do this every single time without exception.  Sometimes I literally just walk in circles around the living room and kitchen just loving that I am walking – fun!

There are still a few things that will keep me in one place though.  The toy Foo Foo got me for my birthday is still a huge favorite.  I love to put the frog in the hole then push the button to make him come out.  I do this over and over and over.  I occasionally take a break to roll the ball down the spiral, but mostly it is the frog I love.  I even say frog sometimes.  Mostly though, I still call everything aturtle.

Tonight Nana Foo Foo came over and surprised me with TWO new turtles!!  One is a super soft stuffed turtle that I love to hug and kiss.  The other one is awesome and has buttons that turn on lights and stars that shine on the ceiling!!  Mummy and Foo Foo and I spend some time in the tiny downstairs half bath in the dark trying out my new toy.  It’s pretty cool!!

Check out a few new photos of me playing (videos will be posted ina separate entry because Mummy and tired and needs to go to sleep now):


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