New Shirts

Mummy had to go shopping for me again…I just refuse to stop growing!  My pants still fit just fine thought they are still a little long in the leg.  I wear an 18 month size in pants.  I was in 24 month shirts, but lately they have been getting shorter and shorter and since neither Mummy nor I are big fans of the belly shirt in general and in particular on a little boy, it was time for new ones.  I am now in a siz 3T shirt!!  They are certainly roomy around the middle, but they are just right for length.  Since my shirt and pant sizes are so different now Mummy can’t get me any more of those cure outfits that come with bottoms and tops together.  It’s ok, I still look gooooood 😉

Check out one of my new dress shirts!  It is getting much harder to take good photos of me lately since I a) run all over the place b) I’m getting faster and faster and c) I like to grab the camera.

Here is a video of me right before bed.  My lovie had started coming out of the crib and is now all over the place.  I think Mummy might have several stashed in various places but in any event I love finding them!  To be fair, I usually only want to carry it around when I am tired…it just gets in the way of playing.


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