Pre-Bedtime Fun

Here are some videos of me playing just before bed.

Me climbing onto my music table:

Me chasing Nicholas around:

Nicholas runs into me, then I run into Nicholas:

A few photos from tonight and some from our visit with The Ravens last weekend (baby Asher is sooooo cute!):


2 Responses to “Pre-Bedtime Fun”

  1. laurapayette Says:

    Wow, I’m so not ready for the climbing phase. Shelby still doesn’t do that, but Reese did the exact same thing as Thatcher at Zara’s party. Ahhh! Looks like you cordoned off the TV part of the room. Was that to prevent climbing on the coffee table?

  2. Thatcher's Mummy Says:

    Yes, and to prevent grabbing things off the lamp/table and to prevent any injuries from the Plexiglass in fron of the TV stuff which he can now remove (I’m worried that it will slice him so we need to get some proper doors for it) and also he likes to eject the DVD tray and we don’t see that lasting too long if he does thart a lot. Just easier to fence off the whole area…it’s not like he is lacking for play space or toys, LOL

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