These Boots were Made for Walkin’…

Check out my cool new (well, not new, but they finally fit (almost)) frog boots!  Mummy got them for me when I was about 3 months old because they were so cute.  It was a rainy day today so I got to wear them to gymnastics.  They are a little big still and it was easier to stomp in them than to walk in them, but I didn’t have to go far.

Check me out and listen for me saying “Turtle:”

I have been saying “Turtle” all week and pointing at everything and calling it “Turtle.”  Mummy and Daddy have been telling me “Not a Turtle” all week too.  On the way to school on Friday, I pointed at a car toy, looked at Mummy and proudly said….wait for it…”NOT a Turtle!”  Mummy thinks that might be my first joke, LOL.

After School, Mummy took me to the park and I had fun swinging and walking and climbing.  I was pretty tired though so it was a pretty quick trip before we had to go home so I could take a nap.  I’ve been a sleeping fool lately…great naps and I’ve been sleeping in until around 8 (or later!!) most mornings.  Growth spurt??

I had another fun gymnastics class and it was good to be back after missing last week when we were in Atlanta.  Miss Shelby is a fast runner!  I had fun walking all over and especially loved bouncing on the vault jumper thing.  After class I was very tired but rallied for a little breakfast at The Egg and I with Mummy and Daddy.  I had half of a giant apple granola pancake…and had the other half for lunch – YUM!!


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