Adventure Montessori

I had a great day today!!  I stayed home from school so I could catch up on some sleep from my exhausting weekend down South.  I took excellent naps today!  I was very surprised and excited to see Foo Foo when I woke up from y first nap.  We played for a while and had so much fun.  I love my Foo Foo!

Here is a video of me shooting some hoops:

The photo is fuzzy because I am actually climbing up the wall!!

When she left I had some lunch with Mummy.  Miss Laura had told Mummy about kids needing to be able to drink from a cup for one of the school they are looking at for Miss Shelby and Mummy wanted to see if I could do it.  I can drink from a cup with help but she had never even thought to try having me do it myself.  We used a little Tommee Tippy snack up as my cup and it was just my size.  I was actually doing really well taking little sips from the little bit of water Mummy put in at a time…that is until Mummy tried to get it on video.

Here is the best one:

After my second nap and after Daddy got home, I got registered for school!!  I will be going to the brand new Adventure Montessori school in the fall.  The school is so new it is not even finished being built yet!  Mummy, Daddy and I went for a tour tonight and it was so much fun.  While it was hard to tell exactly what the school will be like when it is all done, I really enjoyed playing with all the toys in the trailer where we met the Director and watched a video about Montessori.  Mummy went to a Montessori too and she loved it and is very excited for me to have a similar experience.

To celebrate getting one of only four spots (now only three!) left in the Toddler program we went to Martino’s for dinner.  They have a fun play area for the kiddos and I had fun with some markers (caps on), cars, and toy pizza.  I ate some pretty yummy pasta too.

Making pizza at Martino's

Yummmmm, markers!

Playing at Martino's

Here is a video of me walking around and playing at Martino’s:


2 Responses to “Adventure Montessori”

  1. laurapayette Says:

    Pretty good job with the cup until he threw it! Shelby can hold it and put it to her mouth like she’s going to drink from it, but then she spills it all down her front. Oh well. We’re going to send her to the Interloken Montessori. We’ll start transitioning her next week and then she’ll go full-time starting 5/23. It’s more convenient (about two minutes from Chris’ work) and Shelby and I both liked it.

  2. Thatcher's Mummy Says:

    He was doing great with it right up until I turned on the camera, lol. It’s a good start and we’ll keep working on it. Shelby starts her new school soon! It sounded like you both really liked it when we talked and it is nice that it is closer. I wish Thatcher could start sooner, but at least we’re happy with where he is for the time being.

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