My Trip to Atlanta (and LOTS of photos!)

I went to Atlanta this weekend and had so much fun!!  Mummy and Daddy met when they both lived in Atlanta before they moved to Colorado. Mummy woke me up very, very early on Friday morning (5 am!!!) and put me in the car in my jammies.  I had a bottle in the car and dozed some more.  When we stopped we were at the airport!  I had fun riding around in my car seat that magically got wheels!  It wasn’t actually magic, but something called a GoGo Kidz Travelmate and if anyone ever needs to borrow it, just let my Mummy know – it works great and it really easy to use.

When we got to our gate, after a quick stop for coffee, I got to get out and walk around.  I loved looking out the window at the planes!  I
was pretty tired still so once we got on the plane I was happy to be back in my  car seat and get to look out the window from there.  Daddy got me some milk from the flight attendant and I drank another bottle during take off and was fast asleep by the time we reached cruising altitude.  I slept for a good hour then woke up happy as a duck in water!  I played with my new plane toys and Mummy even fed me some oatmeal for breakfast.  I was awake for landing and did great!  I did not cry one single time the whole flight!!

In Atlanta we took the new sky train to get our car.  Mummy was supposed to change my diaper in the airport but thought I could make it to Mimi and Pops house first.  She was mistaken.  We stopped for a quick spin through the Kroger to get me my organic, whole milk with DHA and some other baby goodies.  When Mummy went to get me out of my car seat it was soaked!!  They had to change me in the back of the car into my diaper bag back-up outfit.  We also had to buy garbage bags to put on the seat so I wasn’t sitting in urine.  Bad,bad, Mummy!

We finally got to Mimi and Pops house and it was great to get down and walk and move around.  I was shy for Mimi and Pop at first.  I only
met Pop once when I was 4 months old and it was the first time I was meeting Mimi.  I buried my head in Mummy’s legsand hid at first.  Then Mimi showed me her Tupperware drawer and I warmed up pretty quick.

After some playing and exploring a new house I went down fora nice afternoon nap.  It was later than my normal nap, but I was right on Mountain time schedule…I stayed on Mountain time for most of the trip and took some truly phenomenal naps!  When I woke up, I got a new outfit (Mummy packed me too many clothes!!!) and we got back in the car.  This time we didn’t get on a plane, but went to a restaurant instead.  Mimi and Pop came and we met Todd’s co-worker, Eric, and Mummy and Daddy’s friends Devin and Jim.  I ate a lot!  I had bruschetta, a whole, big risotto ball,eggplant parmesan and penne with marinara! I loved Devin and after dinner walked over and gave her hugs!

When we got home I went to bed – it was a long day!  Mimi and Pop have a whole room for their grandkids and there was a nice crib for me to sleep in.  I had my noise maker from home, my video monitor (for Mummy and Daddy) and my blankie. It was a very nice crib, but I was not so sure at first.  When Mummy first put me down I kept standing back up and clinging to her.  She held me until I was very, very sleep and put me back down.  I tried to get back up but she started rubbing my back and I liked that a lot. So much, that when she tried to stop, I swatted her arm back and make her keep going!  Finally she could stoprubbing my back but if she tried to leave or leave my sight I started to stand right back up. She stayed with me for a long time and finally went out and I fell asleep and slept all night.

In the morning I got to play more and have breakfast. Pretty soon, I was back in the car.  This time we ended up at the Portelli’s house.  They
have three kids, Aiden, Caitlin and Gabby. Gabby is only a few months younger than me.  I was there for a play date so Mummy and Daddy could go to Miss Melanie’s wedding. Melanie and Mummy were roommates for a while in Atlanta.  Mummy was a little worried but shouldn’t havebeen.  She put me in Gabby’s pack and play for a nap before they left and after tossing and turning for a long time(it was yet another new place to sleep and it threw me off a little) I slept for over THREE HOURS!!  I was tired!!!

When I finally woke up I had a very late lunch then played great with everyone and had so much fun!! When Mummy and Daddy got back we all had a delicious dinner that Miss Katrina made.  I was getting tired again and got kind of fussy at dinner.  After dinner we went home and I went to sleep right away.

Sunday was Mother’s Day and we went to a brunch with lots of family and I got to meet my cousins!  It was a fun place and I did a ton of walking around.  I got hugs from the nice man who made my scambled eggs with cheese and I walked over and hugged a waitress too!  I was extra handsome in my sweet sailor outfit and saddle shoes (they are a little too big still) Mummy picked out forme!  In addition to my eggs I also ate asparagus tips, portabella mushrooms, zucchini, squash, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, melon, and cake!  No wonder I’mso big with all that sleeping and eating!!

Here I am walking and hugging the waitress:

Here is another video of me walking aroud at brunch:

After brunch we went back to Mimi and Pops place and Aunt Monica and Uncle Scott and cousins Kendall and Chase came too.  Uncle Lee and cousin Kalli came over later.  We played for a while then I went down for another much-needed nap.  When I woke up I got to meet Uncle Lee and cousin Kalli.  Kalli is 3 and taller than me but I weigh 2 pounds more, LOL.  I had a lot of fun playing and walking and running around. I learned to walk very, very well and get up all by myself without needing to pull up on anything.  I love to run around everywhere!!  I played and played, stopped for a quick dinner then went to bed right before the big people had dinner.

It took me a while to fall asleep and I kept getting my legs stuck (not actually stuck, but Mummy did NOT like them poking out!) in the slats of the crib so Mummy put the bumper back on.  She is getting worried that I am close to being able to climb out of the crib by using the bumper as a step.  I can’t do it yet, but when I can, or when I’mcloser, I’ll be getting a crib tent. Finally Mummy went back in to see if I was ok.  It turned out that I had dropped my lovie out of the crib (I probably threw it) and I was standing up longingly staring down at it.  Mummy gave me a bit more bottle(I hadn’t had much), my lovie and I was down for the count.

Mummy and Daddy got me up a little early on Monday so I could take an early nap before we went to see Uncle Scott and Aunt Kham and their new baby Asher.  We stopped at the grocery store on the way over to buy them dinner since Mummy couldn’tcook.  We also got Aunt Kham a big Mother’sDay balloon for her first Mother’s Day. I had fun playing with it.  Little Asher was teeny tiny and slept the whole time. I hope he is more fun next time we visit.  Mummy and Daddy loved him and Mummy got to hold him and said how perfect and wonderful he was.   I have not seen Aunt Kham and Uncle Scott since I was very little.  I am a LOT bigger than Asher!!

From there, we went back to the airport again.  I was hungry and had a lot of cherry poufer crunchers (it’s what Mummy calls the Gerber puffs…I know, she’s silly) and some ravioli in my stroller.  Once we got through security – and it was quick with Atlanta’s stroller/wheelchair line!! – we went to Chilis for a real lunch.  I had a black bean burger, some cheese quesadilla and all the good parts of Mummy’s salad (all the veggies except lettuce).  When we were done we got to the gate and I got to run around for a while before we boarded the plane.

I was very, very tired and fell asleep before we even took off!  I slept for an hour and 10 minutes and again, woke up happy as a duck!  I played and chatted and had a fun time. This time, I got to get out of y sear and walk up and down the aisles smiling and chatting with everyone on the plane.  The nice flight attendant gave me a package of biscoff cookies and Mummy thought it was odd that I liked sucking on the unopened package so much.  Turns out I had bit a hole it is and was sucking crumbs out the whole time!  The same nice flight attendant also got me
some apple juice and water that I enjoyed on the way down.  I did great the whole flight and didn’t fussone bit.  This time when we landed, Mummy learned her diaper lesson and changed me right there on the plane.  Some of my sippy cup had leaked a little so my front was damp.  Mummy managed to change my outfit, diaper, and shoes all while I was standing up in my car seat chatting with neighbors.  I am   and she is getting very good, and quick, at changing my diaper (we tonly) when I am standing!

When we got off the plane Mummy and Daddy knew I was ready for bed but wanted to get at least a little food in my belly before bed.  We stopped for a quick bite and I had baked ziti and ½  a banana.  When we got home, I took my bottle and was happy to zonk out in my own bed – ahhhhh!

Here are the photos from the weekend:


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