Another busy weekend

Every time Mummy and Daddy say we’re just going to have a “quiet weekend at home” it never happens.  I think they try to make it happen, but it never does.  That’s ok, we do lots of fun stuff and I love it.

On Saturday I had my gymnastics class.  I have started most classes recently by being a little shy and clingy.  It might be that I am a teeny bit shy or, more likely, that Mummy always has to wake me up to get to class on time and I’d rather be sleeping.  At least until I get going a bit.  Miss Anna, our teacher, was out this week and we had Miss Jaime instead.  She was nice, but I think I like Miss Anna better.  I got to do lost of rolls, which I can almost do by myself now.  I practice at home a lot.  We also did the air track again and for the first time, I actually warmed up to it and let Mummy set me down to play on it!

During our exploring time during class I did something I have never, ever done before!  I stood up from sitting and started walking!!!  Usually, I need to pull up on something to get standing but this time I did it all on my own!  I have not done it since, but surely will start soon.  After class Mummy and I went to breakfast with Miss Laura and Miss Shelby to The Egg and I.  I had eggs and raspberry granola pancake in addition to a bunch of cheerios, graham cracker and my new favorite, apple rice cakes.  I even had more of the pancake this morning because there was so much left over.  They make BIG pancakes!!  I got to sit right next to Miss Shelby and we “shared” out goodies and even tried to feed each other – we’re very sweet 🙂

After a good morning nap we went out yet again.  Daddy needed to get a new blazer that fits properly so we went to The Men’s Warehouse.  It was not very interesting so Mummy took me over to the new Grandrabbit’s Toy Store.  So. Much. Fun.  I especially loved the coloring table and I even colored a little without just eating the crayons!.  Mostly I liked sitting on the little bench and putting the crayons into and taking them out of the crayon cup.  It is a pretty great toy store.

Here is me at lunch making some noises that Daddy taught me:

Here is me walking around after lunch:

Later in the day I got a fantastic surprise – Nana Foo Foo!!  She came and got me up from my nap and I was so excited that I giggled and jumped with joy.  She’s so fun and you just never know when and where she will show up!  She stayed with me and we played and played while Mummy and Daddy went out to celebrate Miss Addy’s Daddy’s birthday.  They had a lot of fun, but probably not as much as Nana Foo Foo…even if she did need to take some Advil after playing with me.  Mummy and Daddy forgot to tell Foo Foo that I like to have my night-time bottle while I am being changed for bed so I cried and cried and cried and Foo Foo had a hard time getting me dressed.  Mummy and Daddy feel very bad that they forgot.

In the morning we went to this great new place for breakfast, Lucile’s, in Boulder.  Miss Addy’s parents told my parents about it and they have been meaning to try it for a while.  There was a 20-30 min wait, but that was OK because they had a kids play area upstairs that kept me happy while we waited.  The food was so good!  I got to try a beignets…kind of like a donut.  It was ok.  What I really loved was the buttermilk biscuit!  I also loved my “totally organic breakfast” of scrambled eggs with tofu and spinach and sesame carrots.  It was a good thing Mummy wasn’t too hungry because I ate most of it!  We will definitely be going back there!

I fell asleep in the car on the way home and Mummy thought I’d take a pretty good nap once we got home.  She was wrong.  I was only down for a few minutes then I was wide awake.  Mummy had planned to go get a big suitcase to check for our Atlanta trip while I was sleeping and I did not sleep, I got to go to the mall and the TJMaxx.  At the mall I got some super stylish new clothes for summer (and Atlanta) and two pairs of new shoes and at TJMaxx we got a big suitcase, a bigger diaper bag for the trip (it was <$15 woo hoo!) and a special toy for the plane to keep me entertained.  They are more like sandals but my toes are covered so I don’t stubb them.  I even got a balloon!!  After getting y clothes I got to play in the play area for a while.  It is even cooler now that I can walk and climb on things!  I was getting hungry so we had yet another meal out.  I had a veggie crepe and love it!

Mummy keeps forgetting to take the camera places, but here are a few shots she took of me at home and at lunch yesterday.


2 Responses to “Another busy weekend”

  1. momma2emilia Says:

    Boy Thatcher you have a better social life than I do!!

  2. Thatcher's Mummy Says:

    I know, me too, LOL

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