Fun Stuff and Not So Fun Stuff

Like my hat? It's delicious!!

Look at me getting a boost!

Fun Things:

  1. I have learned how to push my little chair that Mummy painted for me for my birthday over to the gate to the kitchen.  When it is close enough, I step up onto the chair so I can look over into the kitchen without having to look through the gate anymore.  I am pleased as punch about this new skill.  Mummy and Daddy are just waiting until I figure out that I can throw my leg over and climb to the other side – YIKES!!
  2. Using the same logic as above, I now push my music table over to the couch so I can use the table to climb onto the couch.  Cool stuff!
  3. I am trying to do a lot of somersaults lately.  I will stop what I am doing, put my hands down, tuck my head and push forward with my bum in the air.  I can’t quite get over, but Mummy or Daddy helps me and I think it is just great!  I’m trying to make sure Mummy and Daddy get a good ROI for those gymnastics classes!
  4. I learned how to take my pants off!  I did this during what should have been my afternoon nap.  I removed both my pants and socks and threw them out of a crib.  Daddy was very surprised to come in and find me in just a diaper and a shirt – HAHA!
  5.  I like to use a rice cake and make it a hat!  It makes me (and Mummy and Daddy) laugh 🙂

Not So Fun things:

  1. I am walking more but am still not quite stable and still don’t quite correctly calculate exactly how many steps I need to take before I can lean forward and hold
    This is my sad face with my sad, swollen upper lip

    onto whatever it is I walk to.  For example, this morning I was walking to Mummy’s end table while Daddy changed his shirt (I got blueberry on it at breakfast).  I leaned for the end table a bit too soon, missed and smacked my lip on the table.  I must have bit my lip because there was a little blood and now I have a slightly fat lip 😦  OUCH!

  2. 2.    Nicholas went to the dog doctor today for his annual check-up and vaccines.  He is lumpy and bumpy from genetic fatty tumors and has been for years.  They have been checked before and have always been fine.  The one on his chest keeps getting bigger and the doctor checked it again.  She found some cancer cells 😦  Luckily it is not a life threatening cancer and it is also not a kind that will spread.  It will, however, keep growing and could get as big as a cantaloupe which would not be very comfortable for my favorite dog buddy.  Mummy and Daddy have to decide if they ‘wait and watch’ or have the whole thing removed.  Nicholas is 12.5 years old and not psyched about going under anesthesia. 

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