I took SIX steps!

What a super fun day!  I got up bright and early for gymnastics and got to see Miss Shelby AND Miss Elena!  Shelby is walking all over the place and maybe it is starting to rub off because Mummy and Miss Anna (My gymnastics teacher) helped me and I walked SIX steps all by myself!!  Turns out I don’t really need to hold Mummy’s hand, I just want to.  She had a really neat trick where I leaned against her legs until I felt supported than with Mummy in front of me I walked all the way over to her!  Everyone was very impressed and I got a nice round of applause 🙂

After gymnastics Mummy took me to breakfast at The Egg and I with Laura and Miss Shelby and Celia and Miss Elena.  I ate scrambled eggs, toast and potatoes – Yum!  Miss Elena and Shelby did not eat as much as me, but they are dainty ladies and I am a giant boy 😉  We had a lot of fun but everyone was very, very tired by the time we were done.  I fell asleep in the car on the way home (it was only an 8 minute drive!) then I slept for three and a half hours at home!!!  It has been a very, very long time since I’ve had a nap like that!!  It was my one and only nap today.

I had fun playing until bedtime.  I showed Mummy how I can get onto the coffee table all by myself then get off by myself too.  I got a little cocky though and the second time I climbed up I was scooting around too fast and slid off the edge.  Mummy was right next to me but it happened lightning fast!  I was totally fine.  A little scared maybe but nothing a quick cuddle didn’t take care of. 

Before dinner Mummy tried to give my hair a trim since she thinks that $17.95 for a baby haircut is a little steep.  As it turns out, $17.95 is a heck of a bargain!!!  I did not want to sit still and cried and cried, despite getting a cookie and toys to play with.  I like sitting in a taxi, airplane or fire truck for my haircuts, thank you very much.  She did an OK job but one side is not quite as done as the other since I got too fidgety for her to finish.  She is going to take me back to Pigtails and Crewcuts to get my haircut finished tomorrow.  Here is a quick video of me in the tub post-Mummy haircut.  Not a total disaster, but definitely needs some fixing!!

Dinner was super fun tonight!  I had pasta and got is all over my face…there are photos below.  Here are the photos of the day:


2 Responses to “I took SIX steps!”

  1. laurapayette Says:

    Holy spaghetti face! Yeah, after I tried trimming Shelby’s hair months ago I realized it would be a bad idea to attempt it again. $18 is steep, though, so I think I’ll just keep putting her hair in a ponytail. 🙂

  2. Thatcher's Mummy Says:

    If I liked long hair or pony tails on little boys I’d do the same, lol. At least we figured out that if we get it cut really short it lasts a little longer. Funny, I always assumed it would cost mroe for a girl’s hair, but apparently boys needs a LOT more haircuts. Who knew?

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