Fancy Dinner in Boulder

 We went to Boulder tonight because we had to go to Mummy’s jeweler, Cronin Jewelers, because her rings are so big they fall off.  She had a big scare at the airport when she looked down and was missing one of her rings!  Luckily it had fallen off in her purse when she was reaching for something, but still, it scared her into finally getting them resized!  Bill Cronin is the best and I especially love it there because they have a huge basket of toys up front.  I had a blast with some trucks that I pushed all over the store.  It also turns out that I love sparkly things and had fun looking at all the sparkly things.  I think Daddy likes sparkly things too because he surprised Mummy with a pretty necklace she had been eyeing since November of last year 🙂

After the jewelry store, Mummy and Daddy took me to a fancy dinner in Boulder.  We went to SALT on Pearl Street.  It is the #15 top restaurant in the region according to the 5280 magazine and Mummy and Daddy had been wanting to try it for a while!  Mummy and Daddy worried that it might actually be too fancy for me, but it was nice and casual and even had a kids menu (though Mummy and Daddy never ever order off a kid’s menu for me…I eat off the regular menu).   Mummy especially likes that they serve so much local and organic foods!

Mummy and Daddy have stopped packing special meals for me in the diaper bag since I always eat whatever they order for me.  Tonight, after an appetizer of puffies, freeze-dried apples, mum-mums and graham crackers, I had some fresh-baked bread, an entire cup of golden beet soup with creme fraiche, an entire cup of carrot soup with cilantro oil, a yummy pea ravioli and fava beans with wheat berries and tomatoes.  My normal bedtime is 5:30 and we did not get to the restaurant until 5:15 but I was a trooper and didn’t fuss one bit.  I smiled at everyone, practiced holding my own spoon (full of soup and everything – no spills!) and did some excellent people watching. 

When we were all done eating, Mummy took me to the bathroom to get me changed and into my jammies.  Since it was past my bedtime she thought it would be a good idea to get me ready for bed so I could sleep in the car then get to bed with minimal fussing when we got home.  I did not want to lay on the floor to get changed.  Mummy had the little baby pad that I don’t fit on anymore so I wasn’t 100% on the floor, but still, I was having none of it.  I clung to her like a monkey and she had to get me undressed and my arms in my jammies while I was in her arms.  I had to lay down for my diaper change but I still clung to Mummy’s shirt.  Thankfully, she got me in my new diaper lickety split and got my jammies all zipped up.  I did indeed fall asleep in the car within moments and sleep right up until Mummy lifted me out to go int he house (I even stayed asleep though getting unbuckled!).  I quick lay down to get my sleep sack zipped on, a few ounces of milk and I was out cold.  I am actually sleeping right now, lol!  Amazing powers I have to be able to blog and sleep at the same time!

Here are some videos Mummy took of me last weekend and today:

Here I am on the coffee table.  At the end you can see me backing myself off (very impressive!!).  This also shows the horrible, terrible outfit I had to wear when I wet through all of my clothes last week and we had to get new ones in Boulder.:

Here I am this morning ringing my new bell.  It was a consolation prize for the iPhone, which is what I’d really wanted.  Mummy and Daddy are masters of distraction!  Though I do still throw tantrums when I don’t get my way.  I used to only cry a little, but now I command full attention by screaming, throwing myself to the ground then log-rolling across the room while whimpering.  Very dramatic!!  Mummy and Daddy completely ignore me when I act like this and I have cut down on the tantrums a bit…who wants to throw a tantrum when there is not attention to go with it?! 

Here I am in the kitchen this afternoon pushing around the dog bowl container then turning the dishwasher on:


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