I’m a Busy Bee!

Wow, it has been a long time since Mummy helped me get a blog post up.  We’ve all been very busy…and I had a few sick days too. 

When Mummy was in MN, I got the throw-up bug that has been going around.  Daddy put me to bed and I was doing just fine.  He heard me cough a little bit but then I was quiet and sound asleep.  He went to check on me before he went to bed and turned on the light (we have a dimmer) when the room smelled really bad.  Sure enough, I was sound asleep in a crib full of vomit – EWE!!  This is the second time I’ve had a throw up bug and the second time that I have barfed in bed with zero fanfare and then fell asleep in it.  If that is not the very definition of a good sleeper, I don’t know what is!  Mummy wants me to teach lessons so she can quit her job and stay home with me, lol!

Daddy did a great job getting me cleaned up and back to sleep.  Of course, I’d had a bath only a few hours earlier, but I was so covered in vomit that I got another one.  I was very tired and confused about why I was in the tub, but I was a trooper.  A little teeny bit of pedialite and I was back to sleep for the night.  the next day I stayed home from school and Nana Foo Foo came to see me in the afternoon so Daddy could get some work done.  I had only had rice cereal, applesauce and banana to eat and only pedialite to drink and I was doing fine.  I was so excited to see Foo Foo that I bounced and jiggled a little bit more vomit up, but it was closer to spit up than throw-up so nobody was too worried.  Foo Foo did, however, notice that I seemed to be throwing up a little bit in my mouth then swallowing it.  Really, pretty much nothing phases me!

By the time Mummy got home, I was all better – hooray!!  She got home a little earlier than usual this week so I got to see her for bedtime 🙂  On Saturday Mummy and Daddy took me to gymnastics.  I really love my class!  I had so much fun rolling and swinging and seeing all my friends.  We did the “air track” again (which is like a bounce house minus the house) and again, I was not a big fan.  I didn’t cry or fuss but I clung onto Mummy like a monkey.  Mummy now calls the air track the  “hug machine!”

After gymnastics we all went to a family brunch.  We used to go to The Huckleberry, but the new chef has changed all Mummy and Daddy’s favorites and they don’t like it anymore.  If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!  Instead, we went to The Egg and I and it was great!  They even had a “baby pack” with a disposable bib, moist wipe and package of graham crackers – score!  When i am a little older they have a kid pack too that has crayons and toys – cool!  I ate an impressive mountain of food including a scrambled egg, piece of toast, breakfast potatoes, cup of fruit and a whole bunch of puffy crunchies.  I must be going through another growth spurt given the amount of food I have been eating lately!

On Sunday morning, Mummy had her Reiki III class and Daddy and I met her down in Boulder to see Susan, here teacher, and then go to lunch.  Daddy gave me a water bottle on the ride down and by the time we got there, I was sopping wet!  I got to meet Mummy’s whole class which was a little intimidating.  I was not sure what to make of a room full of grown ups…usually there are lots of other kids in the mix.  We stayed and chatted with Susan for about 20 minutes then had to go so we could get me some new clothes (Mummy forgot to replace my spare clothes with new spare clothes the last time I needed a change – oops!).

We parked just off Pearl Street and made a beeline to Real Baby for some new clothes.  They did not have a lot of toddler clothes so I ended up with some incredibly ugly crawling pants (though super functional with the nice pads in the knees) and a tacky red plaid shirt with a car applique on the back.  Blech!!   Mummy is NOT a fan of dressing babies like mechanics…but, in a pinch she’d rather have me poorly dressed than sopping wet and sold.  In hindsight, we should have just gone to Target instead.

After getting my dry clothes, we went to Trattoria on Pearl for lunch.  I love Italian food!  Daddy forgot to pack my bib and luckily Mummy was able to make a bib for me with a napkin and one of her hair elastics – McGuyver Mummy, LOL!  I ate Mummy’s whole bowl of minnestrone soup, two pieces of bread, about half of the gnocchi order, as well as some puffies and spinach ravioli.  I even kept almost all of my food on the table or in my belly 🙂  After lunch, we headed home and I took a nice nap.

When I was napping, Daddy got the mail and guess what?  I got mail!!  More importantly, I got my PASSPORT!!  it is super cool and Mummy and Daddy tell me it means I can now go cool places, like France!  Hooray!!

I learned a cool new trick and Mummy and Daddy have no idea how I learned it…I can get down off the couch, coffee table, or anything tall, by turning around and safely backing down!  Oh yes, I’ve also learned to climb onto the coffee table and couch!  Mummy and Daddy were shocked and very proud that I learned this very important skill all my myself!  There is nothing tall to climb on at school so I didn’t learn it there…I guess I’m just a genius!

The second cool thing I learned today is standing!  Not just for a few seconds, but solidly and for about a minute.  It turns out that when I have my beloved Flip camera in hand, I will just stand there playing with it.  Mummy and Daddy think maybe I don’t even realize I am standing because I am so consumed with my cool “toy.”  It is pretty impressive.  I even did a few little side to side steps while standing on my own…looks like real walking is right around the corner!

Whew, I think you’re all caught up now 🙂  Here are some photos Mummy took this afternoon.  She promises to try to take more photos more regularly again soon.